Zendaya Height, Net Worth, Bikini, and more

How tall is Zendaya?

The “Challengers” star is pictured here with boyfriend, Tom Holland who is 5’8″. Zendaya is 5’10” tall.

Zendaya Height: The Spiderman star stands at a whopping 5’10” (1.77m) tall. In pictures, it seems like she towers over her boyfriend, Tom Holland. But in reality, she is only 2 inches taller than him. Is it just me or do tall women always seem to look even taller in photos? Probably the heels.

Zendaya Net Worth: Zendaya has a net worth of $22 Million in 2024. She’s come a long way since the “Shake It Up” days. The former Disney star is an accomplished movie star, Emmy winner and vocalist who even had a single reach the Billboard top 40 in 2012. Zendaya is the youngest recipient for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the HBO drama series, Euphoria. Zendaya’s net worth in 2017 was $5 Million. Not too shabby. But her transition to movies is when she started making the big bucks!

Recent movie roles include The Greatest Showman, Spider-man: Homecoming, Smallfoot, Malcolm & Marie, Space Jam: A New Legacy and Dune.

Zendaya looking sexy for the premier of her new movie, Spiderman: No Way Home.


Zendaya was born September 1, 1996 in Oakland, CA. Her full name is actually pretty long, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. I don’t blame her for shortening it to Zendaya! Her name means “to give thanks” in Shona. Her father is African American and her mother is German and Scottish. She grew up the youngest of 5 older siblings.

She was a fashion model in her early years and had various roles as a performer and dancer growing up. However, it wasn’t until 2009 where she really made it big. She auditioned for the role of “CeCe Jones” in the Disney show Shake It Up. The show ended up becoming a huge hit and the premier had 6.2 million views on YouTube. That’s the second most views of any Disney premier!

Zendaya Bikini Pic

Zendaya in a bikini with her dog.

Did you know Zendaya is a vegetarian? One might have guessed from her lean figure. She is an animal lover and made it clear the reason she is a vegetarian isn’t because she likes vegetables. Sounds like she might be forcing herself to eat vegetables. This is my everyday life trying to feed our toddler.

Zendaya with her Dad Kazembe and her Mother Claire

Another interesting fact about Zendaya is that the first time she acted it was in theater and she played a witch in the Macbeth production. Before acting, her parents claim she was very timid and they had to attend a seminar to help parents with shy children. Needless to say, the seminar must’ve paid off! Zendaya loves to paint and draw, eat ice cream and play with her fur babe Noon, a black Miniature Schnauzer. She loves Harry Potter and watches the movies almost daily to calm and comfort her! Sounds like my kind of girl.

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