Wilbur Soot Height, Fanart and Minecraft Skin

Wilbur Soot Height

On June 14, 2021 Wilbur Soot posts a photo to his Instagram of Niki, him and his buddy Jack eating ice cream cones.
On his Instagram, Wilbur posted a photo of him and what is believed to be his girlfriend Niki and friend Jack, eating ice cream cones. You can see Wilbur Soots’ height surpasses his companions by quite a bit.

Wilbur Soot Height: Soot was born in Suffolk, England on September 4th, 1996. He is a social media star, gamer and musician. Soot is part of the Indie rock band Lovejoy. Before starting his own Youtube channel, Wilbur was an editor and co-founder of SootHouse, a comedy channel on Youtube. Soot is also a Twitch Streamer, and mostly streams live videos of him playing Minecraft where he founded a nation called ‘L’Manberg’. How tall is Will Soot? Many people would like to know, as every photo we see of him he seems to be taller than everyone else. Will is actually 6’5″, putting him way above average height for a male. Soot is a successful musician, and has appeared on Billboards Emerging Artists chart, amongst others. He plays the guitar, piano and he sings.

Wilbur Soot Fanart

A hobby artist named Wicky from Twitter designed this photo of Wilber Soot clad in dark clothes with fire coming out of his black painted fingers.
The light that comes from WIlburs fingertips in this fanart is believed to be associated with his Minecraft character. Wicky from Twitter with the handle @wickertea is the mastermind behind this creative digitial art.

There are copious amounts of fanart of Wilbur that you can find on the internet. It is not unusual for fans to take their favorite images of musicians, or in this case internet personalities, and create digital art with them. Soot is a good looking guy. Often seen with shaggy brown hair and his signature beanie. He wears long coats and sweaters, and takes on a very Indie style, which is displayed in most of his caricatures. And of course, you’ll find plenty mixing his gaming with his music and displaying deeper meanings to his songs in artistic form. Some popular fanart of Wilbur you can find are on Instagram at @_sourline and @thistlemints. Also, you will find plenty under the hashtag #wilbursootfanart.

Wilbur Soot Minecraft Skin

One of many popular Minecraft skins of Wilber Soot that you can choose or create yourself.
Wilbur Soot often wears a long dark colored jacket that is partly open. This Wilbur Soot Minecraft skin of him captures his likeness and is available on the Minecraft website.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game. Which essentially means that there is a vast world and no real end to the game. You are also able to interact with others. Wilbur joined the Minecraft server Dream SMP, which is where he is when he live streams on Twitch. He became a lead writer for the world he founded within the game. Fans often wonder how to create Wilbur Soots’ ‘Minecraft Skin’. This is just what your character within the game looks like. Many people have generated their own versions that you can choose from and there area also Youtube videos showing how to create one yourself.

Wilbur Soot Your New Boyfriend Lyrics

Wilber Soots 'Your New Boyfriend' is his most popular song yet, with a video similar to 'The Office' tv show style shooting.
Cover Art for Wilbur Soots ‘Your New Boyfriend’ song. His sixth single that has been released was met with stellar reviews and is his most listened to track on Spotify with over 160 million plays.

Wilbur Soots’ ‘Your New Boyfriend’ song was released on December 11, 2020. The track peaked at number 65 in January of 2021 on the UK Singles Chart. It was also certified gold by the RIAA and peaked at number 10 on the UK Indie Chart. Soot wrote the song as the last of a three part story about Lonely Boy, a fictional character of his. The first two songs of the trilogy were ‘I’m in Love With An E-Girl’ and ‘Internet Ruined Me’ which all play in to him falling in love with a girl on the internet who is with someone else. Wilbur Soot created the music video himself which consists of him in an office type setting while singing and rocking out.

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