Tommy Lee Net Worth, Height, Tattoos and Young

Tommy Lee Net Worth

Brandon Lee with Tommy Lee pose on the red carpet at the MTV VMA awards. Both shared photos from the night to their social meida.
On September 12, 2021 Brandon Lee attends with dad Tommy Lee at the 2021 MTV VMA Awards. The event was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklynn, New York. Brandon Lee was on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’.

It may surprise you but Tommy Lee net worth is a whopping $70 million as of 2022. As a founding member of the band Motley Crue, Lee generated a large amount of income from their album sales and shows. In 1981 the band released their first album ‘Too Fast For Love’ to much success. From there they signed with Elektra Records and put out album after album each reaching platinuum standards. Altogether Tommy Lee with his band released 20 albums, including their ‘live’ and ‘best of’ compilations. When people hear the name Tommy Lee Jones however, many remember him by the infamous release of him and Pamela’s sex tape. An intimate video of their time together while on vacation was stolen from them by an angry contractor of theirs and was made public.

Tommy Lee Height

The love story of Pamela and Tommy is a messy one. Both partners had been married to other people multiple times and to each other twice.
Pam and Tommy have had their ups and downs over the years. They were married two different times and had two boys together Brandon Lee and Dylan. Anderson filed for divorce from her husband two days after he was charged with spousal abuse.

Lee was playing in another band called Suite 19 in Los Angeles before Motley was created. During this time, Van Halen and Quite Riot were also playing at local spots along with a band called Sister. Nikki Six, the bassist of Sister, liked the style in which Lee drummed and wanted to form a band with him. Because Tommy Lee height is just above 6’2″, people began calling him T-Bone during this time period. He had a thin and lanky physique which for the most part he has maintained throughout the years. Lee knew when he was young that he wanted to be a drummer. He acquired drumsticks at the age of four and a full fledged drum set in his teens. Some of his favorite bands were Led Zeppelin, Kiss, AC/DC and Sweet.

Tommy Lee Tattoos

Tommy is full of vulgarity and he has no shame when it comes to it. During debauchery on an island getaway, photos of his junk were posted to Instagram.
Tommy Lee tattoos grew since his time with Pam. The drummer is known for his mayhem which is probably why he had it tattooed on his stomach. In July of 2022 Tommy posted photos of his private parts on Instagram, they were deleted almost immediately by the social media platform.

Like many other musicians, Tommys body is covered in tattoos. Twenty-four of them to be exact. Among the tattoos are a star on his face, surrounded by smaller stars. A womens sillhouette on his neck covered in flames and a lip print on the other side of his neck. He has a tribal print on his chest of two lions facing each other. Mayhem is written across his stomach with a lotus flower below his belly button. A wing shaped tribal design covers his entire back and he has a ring tattooed on his finger along with another star on his hand. The Motley Crue drummer also has ink up and down both arms and various designs on his legs. Tommy Lee tattoos aren’t the only thing that adorns his body, the musician also has two nipple rings.

Tommy Lee Young

After seven years of marriage to Heather Locklear the couple divorced due to infidelity by Tommy while he was on the road.
Lees second marraige was to Heather Locklear who he pursued heavily. While Heather was not into the band Motley Crue, she was attracted to Tommy, and shortly after dating she found herself proposing to him.

Lee was born in Athens, Greece on October 3rd, 1962 as Tommy Lee Bass. The family moved to California shortly after his birth. He has one sister, Athena Lee, who is also a drummer and is two years younger than her brother. Tommy dropped out of high school to pursue his music career full-time. He was seventeen when his band got a record deal. In 1986 and in the midst of Motley Crue’s popularity, Tommy Lee married Heather Locklear. Their relationship lasted seven years before they split in 1993. On New Years Even in 1994 he met Pamela Anderson while at the La Boom disco club. It was love at first sight, and four days after they were husband and wife.

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