Justin Timberlake Height

Timberlake and Fallon are best friends who met at an award show where Jimmy was hosting for the first time and Timberlake was performing solo for the first time.
There is no bromance quite like the one between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. The two go to sporting events together, golf together and perform skits together, and their fans completely eat it up! Jimmy Fallon is listed as 6’0″. You can tell that Justin Timberlake height is the same when photographed together.

Justin Timberlake is a ten time Grammy Award winner from Memphis, Tennessee. He has sold over 88 million records to date and is referred to as the ‘Prince of Pop’. There is much debate on the height of Timberlake, as he has a slender lean build that can make him appear taller than he is. Justin has also claimed before to be 6’1″, and even went as far to say he was almost 6’2″. When comparing Justin Timberlake height in photos to other celebs, it’s hard to believe he is as tall as he says. His wife Jessica Biel stands at 5’7″ and he doesn’t seem to be much taller than her, even considering she may be in heels. Justins estimated to be just above average teetering at 6’0″.

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Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

At the Grammy Museum in 2018, Mariah and Usher pose with Jermaine while he accepts his award for joining the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Accompanied by two very successful artists that he has produced in their earlier years, Mariah and Usher stand by Jermaine, while he was inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2005 Jermaine Dupri co-wrote Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’ and won a Grammy for the song.

Jermaine Dupri was a well known record producer in the 90’s. He was also a rapper and songwriter, worth $60 million at his peak in 2006. After encountering some financial trouble due to unpaid taxes and not filing his tax return, he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS in 2008. Just five years later, Dupri was then sued for defaulting on a loan by SunTrust Bank. To settle the lawsuit, Jermaine had to sell the catalog of his label ‘So So Def’ and his recording studio. In 2018 the rapper was hit with a lien after refusing to pay taxes once again for three years. Two of Dupris homes in Atlanta, one a mansion, were sold at auctions after being foreclosed. Now, Jermaine Dupri net worth is around $2.5 million.

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Jason Sudeikis Height

Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston have only a half inch difference between the two in height. Day being well below average height for a male.
Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman during a photo call in London for their movie ‘Horrible Bosses 2’. Aniston and Sudeikis were rumored to of dated because of their close bond. Jennifer stands eight inches below Jason.

A man of many talents Jason Sudeikis is an actor, comedian, producer and writer. He has starred in popular movies like ‘Hall Pass’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’. During an interview with Playboy, he once stated that “it helps I tell people I’m five foot thirteen”, in which case Jason Sudeikis height is in fact 6’1″. Sudeikis got his start doing improv at a place called ComedySportz in Kansas City, Missouri. Eventually he found his way to Chicago and studied at the Annoyance Theater where he founded Improv team J.T.S. Brown. Later Jason went on to become a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live where he stayed for ten years.

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Jeannie Mai Net Worth

Because Jeannie Mai is a prominent public figure in the world of fashion her and husband Jeezy are invited to many parties.
Jeannie Mai attends the Bvlgari x B.Zero1 Rock Collection debut party with her husband Jeezy in 2020. The party was held during fashion week in New York on February 6.

Mai was born in San Jose, California and is half Vietnamese and Chinese. She is best known for her work as a host on the makeover show ‘How Do I Look’ and co-host of ‘The Real’. Jeannie has appeared and/or hosted in many other major network shows such as E!, ‘Miss Universe’ and ‘The Biggest Loser’ amongst others. At the age of 18 she became a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and moved her way up, doing celebrity makeup and eventually became the makeup artist for ‘Total Request Live’. She set her sights on hosting and created scripts for auditioning on local stations. Her first break was on the show ‘Stir’. She kept moving her way up. With her many talents and accomplishments over the years Jeannie Mai net worth is currently $5 million as of 2022.

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Zooey Deschanel Height

Zooey who is about average height for a woman looks much shorter than boyfriend Jonathan Scott. While in heels,  Scotts 6'5" stature towers over Zooey Deschanel height.
Zooey Deschanel with her beau Jonathan Scott at the Critics Choice Documentary Awards. The 4th Annual awards, where Jonathan hosted, were held on November 10, 2019 in Brooklynn New York.

Deschanel was born January 17, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents both work in the film industry. Her mother Mary Jo Deschanel is an actress and her father is cinematographer and director Caleb Deschanel. She comes from a mix of Dutch, Swiss, English, French and and Irish ancestry. Zooey has an older sister Emily, who is also an actress. At a young age she had her sights set on musical theater, and she sang throughout school. While Zooey did end up forming a singing group called She & Him with Matt Ward, she started out her career acting after dropping out of college. Deschanel has two children named Charlie and Elsie and as of 2022 is currently with Jonathan Scott. The Elf actress is of average height for an American woman. Zooey Deschanel stands at 5’5″ tall.

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G-Eazy Net Worth

Over the course of his career G-Eazy has released six studio albums and six mixtapes with 73 singles.
G-Eazy showed up at the 2021 MTV VMA Awards in a bright green Bottega Veneta suit with a green undershirt.. Fellow rapper Jack Harlow wore a similar green suit but with a black turtleneck underneath. G-Eazy has won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Hip-Hop Artist.

Gerald Earl Gillum or known professionally as G-Eazy, began his career in 2008 while attending Loyola University. He started out as a record producer and then joined a group called the ‘The Bay Boyz’. When he opened for rap artists Snoop Dog and Lil-Wayne he started to become more well known. Gerald released the mixtape ‘The Endless Summer’ in 2011 and the following year released his first album ‘Must Be Nice’. In 2014 Gillum released his first major label album which placed him on the Billboard charts. ‘These Things Happen’ put him at number 3 on the US Billboard 200. He has collabed with Bebe Rexha and Britney Spears, and partnered with Rare Panther for the release of their fall clothing line in 2015. His fourth studio album ‘These Things Happen’ was released in 2021 featuring Demi Lovato. As of 2022 G-Eazy net worth is an estimated $12 million.

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Hayden Christensen Height

Hayden with his good pal Ewan McGregor who starred with him in the Star Wars movies since 2002.
Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor together during a photo shoot in London. Ewan has played Obi-Wan Kenobi alongside Hayden and the two have remained friends. Christensen is a couple inches taller than McGregor who is about 5’10”.

Christensen is known as playing Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. He starred in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Episode III – Attack of the Sith and in the series on Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka. His character is also Darth Vader. Hayden Christensen height is 6’0″ even. Once when asked about one thing he’d change on his appearance he said he’d be a foot taller. Christensens character Anakin is supposed to be 6’2″ while his character as Darth Vader is supposed to be 6’8″. It was rumored he used platforms when making the films. Hayden is Canadian and one of four siblings. Born in Vancouver on April 19, 1981, he comes from Sweden, Danish and Italian ancestry.

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Big Sean Net Worth

A$AP Ferg poses with a silver jumpsuit while Big Sean is wearing a red open front jacket without an undershirt showing off his six pack on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs.
At the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards Big Sean performed ‘Bezerk’ with A$AP Ferg in Newark, New Jersey. Big Sean has won two MTV VMA’s in the past for ‘Best Video with a Social Message’ and ‘Best Fight Against the System’ song.

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson is an American rapper who took an interest in rapping in high school. He was part of a rap battle contest that went on in his hometown of Detroit. In a chance meeting with Kanye while he was visiting for a radio interview, Kanye heard his rhymes and thought he had potential. Later signing him to his record label GOOD Music. Anderson got straight to work, releasing his first mixtape Finally Famous: The Mixtape, in 2007 which garnered media attention. His third mixtape released in 2010 titled Finally Famous: Vol. 3: Big featured popular artists such as Drake, Tyga and Mike Posner. From that point Sean went on to release his first studio album in 2011 that featured many other rappers and singers, including John Legend. This album gave him three hit singles and paved the way to his success. As of 2022 Big Sean net worth is an estimated $30 million.

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Eminem Height

Eminem with fellow rapper and friend 50 Cent. The two have been friends since Eminem heard the song ‘Guess Who’s Back’ and signed him to his label. Eminem height is displayed in the image next to a 6’1″ Curtis, showing just how short he is.

He goes by many names but we know him professionally as Eminem. Eminem was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. After his parents divorced Eminem and his mother moved from place to place staying with friends and family before settling in Detroit. Marshall was bullied often for being one of the few white kids in his area. Eminem height is a small 5’8″ and his smaller physique often made him an easy target. It wasn’t until he heard the Ice-T album ‘Breakin’ that he became truly interested in rap. With English being the only subject he liked as a kid and struggling to keep his grades up in other areas, he dropped out of high school at the age of seventeen. He would compete in open mic contests at the Hip Hop Shop with his friend Proof where he excelled at creating rhymes and honing in his rap style.

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William Zabka Net Worth

Macchio, McCarthy and Lawrence pose in a karate stance as they join SiriusXM Stars to discuss Cobra Kai.
Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on The Jenny McCarthy show for SiriusXM Stars. They have kept their rivalry alive the last thirty years but in truth, the two costars have been friends since the beginning and their chemistry is what made their interactions so special.

Zabka is an American actor who is known for ‘The Karate Kid’, ‘The Karate Kid 2’ and ‘Cobra Kai’. He was born in New York City to Nancy and Stan and has a brother and a sister. Stan Zabka worked in film as a director and writer. After graduating from El Camino Real Charter High School in 1983 William appeared in ‘The Karate Kid’ as a student who bullies Ralph Macchio’s character. They didn’t know it at the time that the movie would become a huge success. The only experience that came close to karate that William had before filming was being a wrestler in high school. Due to the huge craze following the movie, another Karate Kid movie was made that he reprises his role in. As of 2022 William Zabka net worth is $3 million.

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