Noah Schnapp Height, Doja Cat and Girlfriend

Noah Schnapp Height

Schnapp has expressed his admiration for the 'Spider-man' actress Zendaya and  will never forget the first time he was able to meet her.
Noah Schnapp may be Zendayas biggest fan and he was all smiles when he got to meet her at the 2019 Peoples Choice Awards. He said in an interview when he approached her she towered over him. Noah Schnapp height is a bit shorter than the actress, however we are certain she was wearing some sort of heel during their encounter.

The ‘Stranger Things’ actor was born on October 3rd, 2004 in New York City. Noah wanted to be an actor at a young age and entered school plays and took classes. He attended the acting program Westchesters Star Kidz and honed his acting skills. Schnapp was first cast in ‘Bridge of Spies’ playing Roger Donovan, which went on to win an Academy Award. At just twelve years old however, Noah played his most well known role to date, as Will Byers in the wildly popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. Noah grew up in a Jewish family with his twin sister Chloe and had his Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Though he may still be growing, Noah Schnapp height is 5’8″.

Noah Schnapp Doja Cat

Noah hangs out with his sister Chloe often and she appears in many of his TikTok videos where fans mistake her for his girlfriend.
Chloe Schnapp and Noah are not only fraternal twins but they are also friends, and Noah often posts videos and photos of him with his sister. On their birthday, October 3rd, Noah posted a series of photos of them from when they were little kids wishing her a happy birthday.

Upon the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the new character Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn became a viral sensation. Fans of the leader of the Hellfire Club took to social media to express their love and one in particular is ‘Best Friend’ rapper Doja Cat. One of her tweets read ‘Joseph Quinn fine as s**t’. Noah, Quinn’s costar, also received a DM from Doja Cat inquiring on Joseph. She asked him if he had a girlfriend, and also to have him hit her up. Schnapp, finding the message to be funny, took a screenshot and posted it for his thirty million followers on TikTok. Fans reacted naturally, some finding the interaction hilarious and others defending Doja Cat. Doja Cat however found it un-amusing and expressed her thoughts on an Instagram Live, calling what Noah did “weasel sh*t”. Since the incident, Schnapp has apologized to her and said there were no hard feelings.

Noah Schnapp Girlfriend

Millie didn't go to school like most kids and so she doesn't have that solid group of friends, to which she claims Noah is that for her. If they turn 40 and are both single they made a pact to marry.
Perhaps the closest costars on the set of ‘Stranger Things’, Noah and Millie have been friends since the age of ten. The two have a marriage pact that if they remain single when they hit 40 years old, they will marry each other.

Who is Noah Schnapps girlfriend? Noah likes to keep his personal life and professional life separate and doesn’t disclose if he’s seeing anyone. However, Noah used to post many videos of him and Julia Raskin on his TikTok account. Those seemed to of come to a halt in recent months. There was a rumor that Schnapp dated costar Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’. For awhile they would post photos with each other on social media sites, namely Instagram. One time Millie even commented that Noah was the greatest friend a girl could ask for. The rumors remain to be untrue but Schnapp tags along with Millie and her beau Jake Bongiovi. The three even attended a Harry Styles concert together in June of 2022.

Noah Schnapp College

In a sweet moment for Noah as he receives his acceptance letter from UPenn, you can see his face light up once he opens the online letter.
Schnapp posted a TikTok video of him opening his online letter from his number one choice Ivy League school, revealing if he was accepted or not. In the video he holds his sisters hand and when he sees he got in the whole family jumps up and down excitedly hugging.

Fans have followed Noah since he was a child and have watched him grow on screen the last few years. It’s hard to believe but Schnapp has just started college, attending the University of Pennsylvania. He will be majoring in Business and plans on enjoying everything college has to offer by staying at the dorms and going to parties. So far Noah has been fitting in perfectly and made some friends. He was recently photographed jumping into a dirty pool of empty beer cans and cigarette butts at the Bamboo Bar. Surrounded by a group of people with their phones out recording the whole thing. We don’t know the aftermath of the incident as it is discouraged to go in the pool, but it’s safe to say Schnapp is living his best life.

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