Nina Dobrev Net Worth, Victoria Justice and Height

Nina Dobrev Net Worth

Nina's popularity, fans and followers, came from her being cast on the show 'The Vampire Diaries' which also contributed to her substantial net worth.
Two of the three biggest stars on the hit show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev. The costars actually didn’t get along on set the first five months of filming. Now, however, they are probably the closest and hang out more than any of the other cast.

Dobrev was born in Bulgaria on January 9, 1989 but moved to Canada when she was two. At a young age she took dance and gymnastics classes, later taking acting classes at Armstrong Acting Studios. She first began acting on the shoe Degrassi: The Next Generation, playing Mia Jones. After three years with the show, she moved on to other projects.They included Lifetime movies, tv films and smaller roles in lesser known movies. In 2009 she began playing the lead Elena Gilbert, in the Vampire Diaries. She also played the doppelganger of those characters in the show, Katherine and Amara. Nina won fifteen awards for her portrayal in Vampire Diaries which remains her most popular role to date. As of 2022 Nina Dobrev net worth is $11 million.

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

The three actresses who could pass as triplets pose together at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.
There was a time when Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice had almost identical looks going on. They both sported the same long dark hair style and same makeup. Here, they finally snapped a photo of them together with their third doppelganger model Melanie Iglesias.

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ star plays four different doppelgangers of her main character. But Nina also has a real life doppelganger, or what seems to be one. Actress Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev have been compared to each other so often they are asked if there is any relation. There is a four year difference in age between the two, Nina being older. Also, Justice has Peurto Rican, German and Irish ancestry. Despite the differences in their background they have strikingly similar faces, same tall, lean build, and long dark hair. They finally met in 2015 at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. Victoria also presented Nina the Teen Choice Award for her role as Elena Gilbert.

Nina Dobrev Height

Nina Dobrev between her on screen lovers Paul and Ian for a photo shoot for their popular CW show 'The Vampire Diaries'.
Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder pose during a promo photo shoot for ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Nina and Ian who played on screen lovers dated in real life. Ian is not significantly taller than Nina as you can see in the photo. Nina Dobrev height is only about four inches shorter than Ians.

Being a regular in a teen vampire drama in the 2010 decade meant you were probably watched very closely with little privacy. Fans wanted to be exactly like their new favorite heroine who immediately became a sex symbol being the love interest of two very attractive older vampires. Nina had the perfect body type and overall ‘look’ to play Elena. She was slightly taller than average for a female, and while still shorter than the male protagonists, it wasn’t so much so that it looked funny on camera. Nina Dobrev height is 5’6″. On Twitter in 2013, back when she was dating Ian, Nina stated she was 5’7″. In photos of her with current boyfriend Shaun White, who is 5’8″ she appears at least two inches shorter.

Nina Dobrev Plastic Surgery

NIna Dobrev suffers from many different allergies and sometimes goes into anaphylactic shock. Because of that her face becomes swollen and it's been rumored that over time changed her eye shape a bit.
Many have wondered if Nina Dobrev has had any surgery in recent years since her face has seemed to change quite a bit. Nina has addressed comments made about her different look on Instagram saying that people age and with it comes change.

After six seasons of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Nina left the show to pursue other things. She had always wanted to be a director and she received supporting roles here and there. During the last season, in the finale, she did return to conclude her characters story. Fans noticed that she looked very different than before but couldn’t quite figure out why. It was suspected that she had her face lifted to create larger eyes as her eyelid space looked bigger. Her brows were definitely thicker and eye shape more round than almond. Nina never confirmed whether she had anything done or not. Some comments on her Instagram posts have been less than friendly toward her appearance. Nina responded graciously to them saying ‘people age’ and to ‘have a nice day’. We may never know if the Nina Dobrev plastic surgery rumors are true or not.

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ was an adaptation of the novels with the same name. The character Elena Gilbert was portrayed as a blonde in the books however, and had more of a self assured personality.

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