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Mike Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps performing stand-up at the LOL Comedy Club. By continuously staying busy and starting new projects while also interacting and updating his fans on a daily basis through social media sites like Instagram.

Epps is known as playing Day-Day Jones in the Next Friday Franchise and Lloyd Jefferson Wade in Resident Evil. In 1995 he joined Def Comedy Jam, a series on HBO featuring stand-up comedians. Since then he has appeared and/or been involved in a number of movies from ‘How High’ to ‘The Hangover Part III’. He’s also been on television dozens of times and has had a few comedy specials on Netflix. Epps has kept himself busy over the years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He’s been in many hip hop music videos and has a few singles of his own. As of 2022 Mike Epps net worth is $5 million.

Mike Epps Movies

Ice Cube has accused Warner Brothers of discrimination and wants them to release rights to the 'Friday' franchise.
Ice Cube and Mike Epps in ‘Next Friday’. There were talks of a fourth movie titled ‘Last Friday’ in the works as a script was written and ready to go, however Warner Brothers caused delays and made it difficult to make. Ice cube claims him and his team have been discriminated against.

Mike was born in Indianapolis on November 18, 1970 and performed stand-up when he was just a teen. Traveling to Atlanta to pursue stand-up at the The Comedy Act Theater he became an instant success and moved to New York. While there, he found an up and coming underground comedy club and fit right in, eventually finding his way to Def Comedy Jam. Mike Epps movies list is long and it began in Vin Diesels ‘Strays’ playing the character Mike. He next discovered Ice Cube was looking for cast members in his movie ‘Next Friday’ the sequel to ‘Friday’. One thing led to another and after Ice Cube saw his stand-up, Epps landed what would become his breakout role. His most popular movies include ‘The House Next Door’, ‘Uncle Drew’, ‘Meet the Blacks’, ‘Hangover’, ‘How High’, ‘Hancock’, ‘Sparkle’, ‘Girls Trip’ and ‘Resident Evil: Apocalypse’.

Mike Epps Kids

Epps surrounded by his family on Christmas. Mike has five daughters and missing his two eldest in the above photo. Little Mike Jr., Mike’s only son, is just a few months old during the time this picture was taken.

Coming from a large family having eight brothers, Mike himself has six children, and the first two were out of wedlock. His eldest daughter Bria now has two children of her own, making Epps a grandfather. After Bria, Mike had a daughter named Makayla with another woman. While filming ‘The Fighting Temptations’ Mike met Mechelle McCain who played his on screen girlfriend. The two dated and later married in 2006, after the birth of their first daughter Moriah. Just a year after they tied the knot, Mechelle gave birth to a fifth daughter who they named Madison. Ten years after being married Mike blindsided Mechelle with divorce papers stating ‘irreconcilable differences’. During the divorce he began dating producer Kyra Robinson who he married in 2019. Epps and Kyra have two children together, a daughter Indiana born in 2020, and a son whom they named Mike Jr..

Mike Epps Height

Mike Epps and his wife will appear on HGTV for a 3-episode show titled ‘Good Bones’ in 2023. The couple want to raise their children in Indianapolis where they are from so they can be around family and are rebuilding the homes on the block Epps grew up in.

Like many other comedians, Mike uses his experiences as a youth in his stand-ups. He has some pretty wild stories typically involving him going to jail, and one particular of a school prank gone wrong. As a kid, Epps dropped out of high school and began selling drugs. He spent a few years in and out of jail, but while working at the barbershop always making people laugh, he was dared to enter a comedy contest. Epps won and that moment changed his life. Mike never played sports as a kid, though he could’ve had an advantage with how tall and lean he is. Mike Epps height is listed at 6’0″ even. He has stated on different occasions he was six foot and 180lbs.

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