Mark Wahlberg Net Worth, Height, Calvin Klein and 4S

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

2014 Mark Wahlberg photographed at the American Film Institute Festival put on by Audi
Mark Wahlberg attends the 2014 AFI Fest (American Film Institute). The Festival showcases the best films of the year and brings new artists and filmmakers together.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth: Wahlberg is an American actor and film producer. He began his professional career as a rapper in the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch where he released two albums. In 1994, he appeared in his first movie ‘The Renaissance Man’. Perhaps his first popular role, and the one that launched his acting career, was playing Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights. Since then, he has appeared in major movies including Planet of the Apes, Ted, and The Departed. He was also the producer of five different HBO series. Because of his successes, Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is an impressive $300 million.

Mark Wahlberg Height

Mark Wahlberg with his wife Rhea and their children at a Halloween Carnival put on by Potter Barn
Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durnham before they had their fourth child. The family attends a Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Carnival.

Mark Wahlberg Height: Wahlberg has said before that he is 5’10”. His fans used to think he was much taller in his films, pushing as far as 6’2″ and were shocked when seeing him in person. His wife Rhea Durham is reported to be 5’9″ and it’s clear in the photo that Mark is taller than Durham. His brother Donnie Wahlberg also claims to be 5’10”, and from photos of the two brothers together they look the same height. Mark was born on June 5th, 1971 in Boston Massachusetts and is currently 50 years old. He fathers four children, Ella Rae (18), Michael (15), Brendan (13) and Grace (11).

Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein

1992 Mark Wahlberg displays his abs for Calvin Klein and became their spokesmodel

Mark Wahlberg began modeling for Calvin Klein in 1992. He is most known for his underwear ads, one in which he grabs himself, but Mark’s buff physique and charming smile is what grabbed people’s attention. His ads weren’t just in print, he was also on television and many times with other models.

Wahlberg did Calvin Klein photoshoots with Kate Moss, who said the experience working with Wahlberg was a nightmare. Moss felt very uncomfortable topless straddling the Mark, and he didn’t make the situation any easier. At the time, the two were very young and Kate was self conscious about her small breasts while Wahlberg made the comment that she was waif-like and reminded him of his nephew.

Mark Wahlberg 4S

Mark Wahlberg at the Mall of America during the grand opening of Wahlburgers restarant

Mark Wahlberg collaborated with Air Jordan sneakers to create the ‘Wahlburgers’ where he appeared in Mall of America to present these rare shoes during the opening of the Wahlburgers restaurant. The exclusive sneaker is green and was designed by Jordan Brand. The shoe is part of the Air Jordan 4 line which is one of the most popular and expensive. The Mark Wahlberg 4s goes for $100,000. He has created giveaways for the sneaker to help raise money for the first responders and communities affected by wildfires in California.

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