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Lizzo Height

Styles and Lizzo performed Lizzos hit 'Juice' together and you could tell that the two truly bonded during that time.
Lizzo and Harry Styles together goofing around. The ‘Truth Hurts’ rapper stands just a few inches shorter than her friend who is an even 6’0″. Styles and Lizzo met in 2019 and show nothing but love and appreciation for one another.

How tall is Lizzo? Born Melissa Viviane Jefferson on April 27, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan, Lizzo has a larger build and stands at 5’9/5’9.5. Because of her size, Melisso appears shorter than she when she’s standing alone but we can tell amongst others she’s quite tall. Lizzo has been open about her diet plan to improve her health and overall appearance. The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer began eating whole foods, particularly plant-based, and cut out processed foods. In December, 2020 she caused a stir when she announced on social media that she embarked on a 10 day detox smoothie diet. The point of the diet was to start fresh and rid her body of the toxins that had built up. Jefferson has always been and advocate for body positivity. She often takes videos of herself wearing little to nothing and dancing in front of the camera for Instagram posts.

Lizzo Instagram

Lizzo looking radiant during a photo shoot sporting a bright colorful bodycon dress and colorful nails.
A series of photos from a photo shoot posted to Lizzos Instagram on June 20, 2020. Lizzo is wearing a multi-colored form fitting dress with lighter eye makeup and bright red lipstick to match her background.

Lizzo’s Instagram is followed by almost 13 million accounts, among those include Jennifer Garner, Justin Timberlake and Vanessa Hudgens. She is active on the social media site, posting almost every day, oftentimes her fans get multiple posts on the same day. They are a mix of short videos of her dancing and having a good time, to photos done from a photo shoot. She is also seen advertising ‘Yitty’, her collab line with Fabletics. The line features body shaping pieces with three different collections including Mesh Me, Nearly Naked and Major Label. Despite much of the hate she gets from troll comments when she posts scantily clad videos of herself, she is persistent in doing so and is not ashamed of her body.

Lizzo Taylor

In an interview with The Breakfast Club Lizzo says she's like a "Black Taylor Swift" and also mentions how to identify 'F**k boys'.
Lizzo stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about her album and the influence Missy Elliot had on her growing up She also discusses working with Prince and how he asked her to perform at Paisley Park.

During a recent interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show Lizzo discusses her new album ‘Special’. The album, she goes on to explain, includes songs written about past relationships and she called herself ‘Black Taylor Swift’. Known for creating music that is about her relationships and breakups, Taylor Swift seemed like the perfect person to compare herself with. The ‘Juice’ rapper has mentioned Swift in the past as well. In an Instagram Live, Lizzo records herself talking about a handwritten note she received from Taylor Swift. She was impressed that the note was sealed with wax and said “I aspire to be on a level where I’m sending people handwritten notes with my own seal. That shit is chic bitch!”

Lizzo Bio

Lizzo looked like a baronness at the 2022 Met Gala stunning in black and gold and made the Best Dressed list for the night.
Lizzo walks the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala in a glamorous black corset dress with a golden embroidery cape designed by Thomas Browne. She brought her gold flute along with her as an accessory and even played it for everyone.

When Melissa turned ten years old her family moved to Houston, Texas. There she attended Alief Elsik High School and began rapping in a girl group called Cornrow Clique. She also learned how to play the flute from the age of ten all throughout high school, continuing on to study classical music in college. Later, Lizzo would drop out to pursue her music career. Before joining a singing group called We Are The Chalice, Melissa performed with various groups in Minneapolis including Lizzo and the Larva Ink. She released her first album Lizzobangers which garnered positive attention. In the following years she consistently climbed her way to the top. From performing as a musical guest on The David Letterman show in 2013 to being a guest judge on RuPauls Drag Race in 2018. Since then she has continued her success winning three Grammys amongst many other awards.

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