Bert Kreischer Net Worth, Family, Rolling Stone and Kool Aid

Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Comedians and friends who've visited Bert while filming his show 'The Cabin with Bert Kreicher' include Cailtyn Jenner and Tom Segura.
The Cabin with Bert Kreischer is one of many television series of his where Bert invites his friends to a cabin in the woods to focus on his mental health. Often, Bert is found shirtless. Many times while performing he will rip his shirt off and crush a beer within the first few minutes, to remind himself to have a good time.

Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, television host and has his own podcast titled ‘Bertcast’. He got his start when a tape was sent in to an agent of his first stand-up gig he performed in Tallahassee, Florida. Bert Kreischer made the move to New York City where he was invited to observe live shows. He also worked the door at the comedy clubs. The inspiration for the movie ‘National Lampoons Van Wilder’ was based on his life in college. Which derived from a rolling stones article that was published about him. Bert Kreischer co-hosts podcasts ‘2 Bears 1 Cave’ with Tom Segura and ‘Bill and Bert’ with Bill Burr. ‘Comfortably Dumb’ is his comedy special released in 2009 and ‘The Machine’ which was on Showtime released in 2016. He has appeared on other various comedy shows and has two specials on Netlix. As of 2022 Bert Kreischers net worth is $3 million.

Bert Kreischer Family

Bert Kreischer with his wife LeeAnn and daughters Ila and Georgia. The family is very close and have been on podcasts together.
LeeAnn, Berts wife, once said that Bert ‘was not the type you marry’. Bert Kreischers family has had to put up with the fact that he tells jokes about them during stand-ups. He has said that he does not run them by his family before performing them.

Stand up comedians tend to use their family in their jokes during performances. Bert has done this countless times, especially with his wife LeeAnn. Bert Kreischers family consists of two daughters, Ila who was born in 2006 and Georgia who was born in 2004. LeeAnn married Bert in 2003 after dating a few years. She was working as a writer when the two met, and lived in a small town in Georgia. She is an actress as well and hosts the podcast ‘Wife of the Party’. It is obvious that the Kreischer family is very close. Bert often talks about them and they do a lot together. He has had them on his podcast ‘Bertcast’ where they are heard lovingly joking around with each other.

Bert Kreischer Rolling Stone

Bert Kreischer with his family at the lake. While Bert did not play any sports in school he did run for president of his fraternity whilst giving his speech in the nude.
Kreischer representing Florida State as he poses with his two sisters and his dad. Bert was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity while attending college. He was an English major.

Dubbed the ‘top partyer at the number one party school’ in 1997, Bert Kreischers’ Rolling Stone article debut was made. In the six page article that was titled ‘Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate’, he goes in to discuss a day in the life at Florida State University. He recounts as much as he can remember of course, from his party hijinx and merrymaking, much of his days were spent shirtless with a drink in hand. Bert spent a grand total of six years at FSU. Two of them as a junior, and two as a senior. How he became the main focus of the article was when FSU was named the number one party school by ‘The Princeton Review’. A journalist contacted him after speaking with many other students who always mentioned Berts’ name. He was, of course, in the middle of doing bong hits when the call came through.

Bert Kreischer Kool-Aid

One of the more popular episodes of 2 Bears 1 Cave released in 2020 where Bert Kreischer drinks a 64oz thermos of Kool Aid.
Bert Kreischers’ Kool Aid obsession is revealed on episode 36 of 2 Bears 1 Cave as he takes a sip of it out of his canister at 10am. His friend Tom who never knew this fun fact about him begins laughing so hard to the point where he says ‘he needs to lay down’.

During an episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave, a podcast created by Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, Tom learns Bert loves Kool Aid. Not only does he love it but he drinks about a gallon of it every day. The best friends laugh so uncontrollably that Bert breaks out in a sweat and starts crying. Kreischer explains his day to day after Tom asks. It begins with iced coffee, a four mile run, a bath in his pool, then a 64 oz thermos of Kool-Aid. Tom proceeds to read how many grams of sugar is in one serving of the sweet drink, which is 25 grams. The two agree they have never laughed so hard on an any other episode of 2 Bears 1 Cave.

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