Yo Gotti Net Worth, Kids, Dollar-For-Dollar and Height

Yo Gotti Net Worth

Yo Gotti turns 41 and celebrates with his annual Birthday Bash in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee
Mario puts on a concert every year in Memphis where he was born and raised. The ‘Yo Gotti and Friends Birthday Bash’ performance revolves around his actual birthday which is on May 19.

Yo Gotti Net Worth: Mario Sentell Giden Mims is an American rapper. Formerly known as Lil Yo, Mario released his first album in 1996 when he was just fifteen years old. He has continuously since then put out records. Releasing eleven total, twenty-two mix tapes and fifty-six singles. Mario founded the record label CMG or Collective Music Group where he is the CEO and his cousin Brandon Mims is the President. Well known rappers who have signed with their label are 42 Dugg, Black Youngsta and Moneybagg Yo. Yo Gotti has done collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert who is featured on ‘Untrapped’, his second to last studio album released in 2020. Mims currently resides on a 10,000 sq ft mansion on 3 acres overlooking a golf course and has a net worth of $16 million.

Yo Gotti Kids

On his daughter Kaylas 16th birthday, Yo Gotti bought her a brand new Mercedes Benz to which she responded she didn't know how to drive and he replied 'now you motivated'.
Yo Gotti pictured with two of his daughters. His eldest, Kayla, was celebrating her birthday and he had gifted her a white Mercedes Benz before she even learned how to drive.

Mario is a private man when it comes to his family. He posts very little, if at all, photos of his kids or wife, but he was previously married to Lakeisha Mims who he has two children with. He later married Jammie Moses and had three children with her. They are not believed to be together anymore as he began dating model Yaya Sandoval in 2020. It is unknown the names and ages of his kids but one daughter De’arra Taylor, appears in photos with him and claimed Yo Gotti is her biological father. She is a successful Youtube Vlogger and Instagram Star with six million followers.

Yo Gotti dressed in a black hat with orange stars, an orange sweater with black stars, and white, gray and black sneakers lounging in a black leather interior luxury car.
Mario posts a photo to his Instagram on April 19, 2022, of him in a luxury car with the caption ‘Jacksonville FL Let’s Get It’. Yo Gotti has 6 million followers on Instagram.

Yo Gotti Dollar-For-Dollar

Mims partnered with Equity Distribution and when he released ‘Dollar-fo’-Dollar’ he announced that anyone who put a verse to the song can make the royalties from it. They can upload to Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, any platform they choose, and they can keep the money made from their version of the track. His goal is to motivate up and coming rappers and to find new artists, while also offering to pay for studio time and college tuition for ones he found especially inspiring. The song is off of his latest album ‘CM:10 Free Game’. There has been no other rappers who have offered this opportunity to their fans.

‘Dolla Fo’ Dolla’ lyrics

Yeah nigga, it’s whatever
Yeah bitch, it’s whatever
Yeah, I amI’ll never let my niggas down
Nah, I’ll never put them choppas down (never)
Hit your bitch when I come in town
She ain’t never let a nigga down (yeah)
I just went up the sco’, I got ten different hoes
They swear they go with a nigga (swear that they)
I’m a superstar, we duck off on the low
She know not to take no pictures (yeah)
Blogs put a nigga business out
Knock ’em down then switch ’em out (yeah)
I got opps I don’t know about (I don’t know about)
Stand on business, we don’t talk about it (shh)
10 got ten bad bitches in the mansion
dancin’, look like the soul train
I’m on the airplane
Pourin’ up purple, it look like the Soul Plane
We do real numbers, real chef, Benihana’s (yeah)
I’ll take a nigga under
Watch three-hundred, these the new Yeezy’s
‘Fore they drop (yeah), call ’em Dondas
Jay said I got the thunder (woo)
Pray to God for the runners
Whole pandemic, all I seen was snow
it’s like I missed a summer
Put it on my mama
Yo Gotti, he a hall of famer drug dealer (legend)
Yo Gotti he be runnin’ ’round with real killers (steppin’)
Hush gang, he ain’t frontin’ no fuck niggas (shh)
Big stepper, we’ll stomp one of you lil’ niggas (be quiet)
Niggas say they slidin’, nobody dyin’ though
(Niggas say they slidin’, nobody dyin’) oh
Your net worth in the Forbes, but what was they lyin’ ‘fore?
(You in the Forbes but why is they lyin’?) yeah
Go dollar for dollar, shotta for shotta
We can go thottie for thottie
I’m scholarship Gotti, you gave a bitch a Birkin
I just gave her some knowledge
I’m on some rocker shit
She was basic, I made her a model bitch
Lenny Kravitz, I pull up, start rockin’ shit
She athletic, she built like a soccer bitch
.45 but that 9 got a softer kick
Don’t slip ’cause I drip when I’m walkin’, bitch
I be rollin’ that jay with some bosses, shit
Rondo, got 9 on my hip
Like Steph put thirty in the clip, I’m equip
Lay a nigga flat on the floor like a quilt
I just ran off on the plug like a bill
I’m at the top like I’m king of the hill
She freaky, she poppin’ that pussy like pill
I’m tryna fuck, I’m just keepin’ it real
That pussy be bald and wet like a seal
Since Corona that young nigga ill
Get turned to a donor, you play with my bills
I’m knockin’ all my opps out the field
I’m knockin’ all my opps out the field
Young niggas sick, young nigga ill
All of my niggas united
Just bought into DC United
I gave him the pack and he tanked it (tanked it)
Twenty-five pints and he dranked it (uh)
Just showed her my account and she fainted (on God)
Showed him the plug and he thanked me (you welcome)
“Ayy, Gotti you low, you janky”
Lil’ bitch just posted me, brainless (dumbass)
Rolls Royce stainless (steel)
Made my neighborhood famous (for real)
Rich cribs for tourists (for tourists)
Ayy, why yo’ jewelry blurry?
All my jewelry flawless, all my niggas stallers
None of my niggas sanctified, they be throwin’ crosses
All my Forgi’s offset
All my diamonds factory set
That my lil’ savage, I stamped that
My bitch like the sunset, yeahYeah, yeah
I see the same niggas doin’ the same shit every day (same shit every day)
Different nigga, yeah, I had to go and make a way (yeah, I hadgo and make a way)
Any day, it’s another million-dollar play
It’s like seventy mil’ now, ‘nother hundred on the way

Yo Gotti Height

42 Dugg met Yo Gotti in 2018 when he heard about him through the grapevine and wanted to help 42 Dugg along in his career. Mario mentored the young rapper and signed him to CMG records.
42 Dugg took on rapping when he was incarcerated and after his release he connected with Yo Gotti who mentored him. Yo Gotti is under the average height of an American male yet still towers over 42 Dugg who is only 5’1.

Standing at a mere 5’7″ or 170 cm, Yo Gotti is not very tall for a male, but standing next to a few of his fellow rappers such as 42 Dugg and Lil Uzi Vert you’d think otherwise. Yo Gotti’s height is comparable to that of Lil Durk and Roddy Ricch, who is only an inch shorter than the ‘Rake It Up’ rapper. He was born on May 19, 1981 and is currently 41 years old. Mario took an interest in rapping at the age of 14 when he decided to give up a life of crime and be a voice in the world. His favorite quote is “people have million dollar dreams with a minimum wage work ethic”, said by Russell Simmons.

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