Wiz Khalifa Height, Tattoos and Bio

Wiz Khalifa Height

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa became friends and collabed on many songs together including the popular 'Young & Wild & Free.
Wiz Khalifa’s height is 6’3″. Standing at 6’4″, Snoop has a slight edge in height. Wiz has given the media two different heights when the subject has been brought up.

Wiz was born as Cameron Jibril Thomaz. He choose the name ‘Khalifa’ as a stage name because it means successor. ‘Wiz’ came from the word wisdom and being called Young Wiz as a child.

How tall is Wiz Khalifa? Cameron’s height is 6’3″. He has made claims on two separate occasions that he was 6’4″, and then in a magazine said he was 6’2″. Considering Snoop Dogg is 6’4″ and it appears Wiz is just a tad shorter than him it’s safe to say he is 6’3″. Cameron and Snoop went on ‘The High Road’ summer tour together in 2016.

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa shows off his tattoos wearing colorful tye-dye shorts, Calvin Klein boxers and an LA hat.
The singer/rapper adorns many tattoos mostly covering his upper torso with a couple of small ones on his face. Each tattoo is important and means something to Wiz, but his favorite is an MLK quote across his abdomen.

Wiz Khalifas’ tattoos cover his body and he has at least 18 of them. Each one is special to him and has some kind of meaning. His first tattoo was his stage name Wiz Khalifa that he got when he was 16. He has an angel and devil on each shoulder representing his different sides.

Wiz Khalifa has a tattoo for his mother and one of a marijuana plant because of his love for weed. The large 412 across his chest is a tribute to his hometown of Pittsburgh, 412 being the area code. Khalifa also has a Koi fish on one side of his neck and a bird on the other. The fish representing good fortune whereas the bird is for freedom.

Wiz Khalifa See You Again

'See You Again' music video featuring Charlie Puth who plays the piano and sings in the son.
Still of Wiz Khalifa in the music video for ‘See You Again’. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth were asked to write the song for the movie ‘Furious F7’ in honor of Paul Walker.

‘See You Again’ is a song written by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa for the soundtrack of the movie ‘Furious F7‘. The song was released on March 10, 2015 as a tribute to the late Paul Walker, who died in a car accident two years prior. The song was a major success, spending 12 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, hitting number one in many other countries and setting a record for most streams in a day on Spotify. That’s not all, the song was nominated for three Grammy’s, and became the most viewed video on Youtube.

Wiz Khalifa Bio

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose celebrate their sons 8th birthday and dress up for the occasion for a Halloween themed party.
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose maintain a good relationship despite the divorce. The couple hang out together often with their son. Bash celebrated his 8th birthday with a Fortnight/Halloween theme

Many people wonder, how old is Wiz Khalifa? The rapper maintains a young appearance despite being born in the 80’s. Thomaz grew up with military parents and moved around frequently. He was born in Minot, North Dakota but has lived in other countries such as Germany, the UK and Japan. His mom and dad divorced when he was only three years old. Wiz Khalifa was born on September 8, 1987. The rapper has one child, a boy named Sebastian or ‘Bash’ for short, with his ex-wife and model Amber Rose. His son was born in 2013 and is 9 years old.

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