William Zabka Net Worth, Age, Movies and TV Shows and Wife

William Zabka Net Worth

Macchio, McCarthy and Lawrence pose in a karate stance as they join SiriusXM Stars to discuss Cobra Kai.
Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on The Jenny McCarthy show for SiriusXM Stars. They have kept their rivalry alive the last thirty years but in truth, the two costars have been friends since the beginning and their chemistry is what made their interactions so special.

Zabka is an American actor who is known for ‘The Karate Kid’, ‘The Karate Kid 2’ and ‘Cobra Kai’. He was born in New York City to Nancy and Stan and has a brother and a sister. Stan Zabka worked in film as a director and writer. After graduating from El Camino Real Charter High School in 1983 William appeared in ‘The Karate Kid’ as a student who bullies Ralph Macchio’s character. They didn’t know it at the time that the movie would become a huge success. The only experience that came close to karate that William had before filming was being a wrestler in high school. Due to the huge craze following the movie, another Karate Kid movie was made that he reprises his role in. As of 2022 William Zabka net worth is $3 million.

William Zabka Age

Williams played a variety of characters. He has played in a period drama and done a voice over for Robot Chicken, a man of many talents.
Zabka grew his hair long for the 1996 mythical movie ‘To the Ends of Time’ where he played Alexander. His TV debut was playing Clarence Mortner Jr. in an episode of ‘The Greatest American Hero’.

William Zabka was born on October 20th, 1965. When he played Johnny Lawrence in ‘The Karate Kid’ he was nineteen years old. Though Zabka didn’t have any karate experience before landing the role of a lifetime, he was so intrigued by martial arts that he took classes and learned Tang Soo Do. He received a second degree green belt upon completion. Once in an interview, William said having his two sons changed him as a person. He learned that he loves children so much he even thought of opening his own camp, and that he’s always been a “camp counselor type of guy”. Zabka also stated his love for 80’s hair metal and rock music and how he helped immerse that into his character.

William Zabka Movies and TV Shows

While the role was a small one, William Zabke plays Rick in Hot Tub Time Machine alongside Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and John Cusack.
In his scene in Hot Tub Time Machine, there is a line that says he could rekindle his old love of karate. His characters date also plays his ex girlfriend in Cobra Kai, so we can’t help but think it’s a nod to ‘The Karate Kid’.

While Zabka is primarily known for his character in ‘The Karate Kid’ movies and show, he has made appearances in other popular movies and TV shows as well. Some recognizable movies you may have seen him in are ‘Shootfighter: Fight to the death’, ‘High Voltage’, and ‘Interceptors’. He also made an appearance in the comedy ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ as Rick Steelman. TV Shows he’s been in are ‘E/R’, ‘Python’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and of course ‘Cobra Kai’. He also voices his character in the video game ‘Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues’.

William Zabka Wife

Not much is known about Stacie Zabka, wife of William Zabka but she does support her husband and is by his side at important events.
In an attempt to lead a semi normal life, William keeps his wife and kids out of the media as best as he can. While he has shared photos of his children on social media he always conceals their faces.

William Zabka wife Stacie Zabka stays out of the spotlight. They try to keep their personal and professional lives separate. The couple married in 2008 and have two boys together. It is unclear when the two met and began dating due to the privacy they keep. Stacie was born in 1974 and is 9 years younger than her husband. Her reported job title is Financial Manager but there hasn’t been any confirmation of that. She has been seen accompanying William to events such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the premier of the 2010 ‘The Karate Kid’ film. At one point before his marriage to Stacie, he was rumored to be dating his Karate Kid costar Elisabeth Shue. Williams Instagram is purely used for promoting his show and photos are mainly of him and the cast.

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