Whitney Cummings Net Worth, Pregnant and Partner

Whitney Cummings Net Worth

As a highly accomplished comedian, actress, and writer, Cummings boasts multiple stand-up specials and television shows, with her net worth reflecting the success of her sharp and fearless comedic style.
Cummings, a highly successful comedian, actress, and writer has numerous stand-up specials and television shows. Whitney Cummings net worth is a reflection of her sharp and fearless comedic style.

Whitney Cummings is a multifaceted talent known for her contributions to the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and producer. She gained prominence for co-creating the hit television series “2 Broke Girls” and creating the sitcom “Whitney.” Cummings has received critical acclaim for her stand-up specials and has been recognized with nominations for various awards, showcasing her comedic prowess. Beyond her entertainment career, Cummings has been actively involved in philanthropy, supporting causes related to mental health and well-being. As of 2024 Whitney Cummings net worth is $35 million.

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Whitney Cummings Pregnant

Embracing the path to motherhood, Whitney Cummings exudes joy in the nursery, eagerly anticipating the arrival of her first baby boy, whom she has chosen to name Henry.
Embracing the journey to motherhood: Whitney Cummings radiates joy in the nursery, eagerly anticipating the arrival of her little one. Cummings has chosen the name Henry for her first baby boy.

On June 20, 2023 Whitney Cummings joyfully shared her pregnancy news through a series of Instagram photos showcasing her baby bump. In the caption, she humorously remarked, “In these pix I am with child… And there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December.” Cummings had previously disclosed her decision to freeze her eggs at 32 during an appearance on the Today show in February, expressing her openness to becoming a mother and jokingly seeking potential partners. The comedian playfully mentioned her quest for a husband, stating, “Any takers? Any husbands in New York? There’s no husbands in L.A. Everyones on fentanyl and mushrooms, I can’t.” It is still unclear who fathers her child.

Whitney Cummings Partner

Whitney Cummings and Rob Schneider collaborated to present a diverse and entertaining comedy performance for the San Manuel Casino audience. Schneider, known for his SNL background, joined forces with Cummings, who made one of her initial TV appearances on 'Punk'd'.
Whitney Cummings and Rob Schneider joined forces to deliver an entertaining and diverse comedy performance for the audience at San Manuel Casino. Schneider is an SNL alum while one of Cummings first tv appearances was on ‘Punk’d’.

In 2021, Whitney Cummings officially introduced her boyfriend, veterinarian Alex Barnes, on Instagram, sharing a snapshot of their cozy moment in a hot tub. The couple’s story unfolded when Cummings had to rush her dog to the vet after a fostering incident, and Barnes, a 31-year-old veterinarian, played the hero. Despite the age difference, Cummings praised his looks during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” in August 2021. While humorously contemplating proposing herself, she emphasized not wanting to wait around and joked about unconventional proposal angles. However, recent updates on their relationship status remain elusive since Cummings tends to keep her love life private, as seen with her prior engagement to Miles Skinner in 2020.

Whitney Cummings Height

Whitney Cummings joined Rick Rubin on his podcast 'Tetragrammaton' in 2023, sharing a snapshot on Instagram where both wore a sign saying 'school ruined my life.'
Rick Rubin had guest Whitney Cummings on his podcast ‘Tetragrammaton’ in 2023. Cummings posted a photo to Instagram of her and Rubin while wearing a ‘school ruined my life’ sign.

Born on September 4, 1982, in Washington, D.C., Cummings experienced a childhood marked by challenging family dynamics. Her parents divorced when she was just 5 years old, leading to a period of living in separate households between her mother and father. Despite these difficulties, Cummings found solace in comedy, using humor as a coping mechanism. Her mother Patti Cummings, is a native Texan and public relations director at Neiman Marcus. Eric Lynn Cummings is her father. He is a lawyer and venture capitalist from West Virginia. Raised in a Roman Catholic household, she has an older half-brother, Kevin, and an older sister, Ashley. Whitney Cummings height is tall for an American female as she stands at 5’10”.

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