Valkyrae Height, Twitter, Merch and No Makeup

Valkyrae Height

Best friends Bella Poarch and Valkyrae support each other through their music and clothing lines.
Valkyrae and her best friend Bella Poarch. Poarch is a very short 5″ tall and does not look much smaller than Rachel who is only a few inches taller than her. Valkyrae stars in one of Bellas music videos.

Known as Valkyrae but born with the name Rachel Hofstetter on January 8,1992, Valkyrae has become famous for being a gaming streamer on Youtube. Her moniker ‘Valkyrae’ is a play on the term Valkyrie, which is a Norse handmaiden who fights and sends soldiers to Valhalla. She replaced ‘rie’ with ‘Rae’ which is her nickname. On Twitter when asked how tall she was after posting a photo that made her look extra short she responded saying she was 5’3.5″. Many people wonder what ethnicity Rachel is and she claims to be one half German and half Filipino. She was born and raised in Washington where she attended college and received an associates degree in liberal arts. Hofstetter comes from a larger family of 6 having two brothers and a sister.

Valkyrae Twitter

Rachel shares the same posts between Twitter and Instagram and spends time replying to many of her fans in the comments.
Valkyrae takes a selfie in a public restroom on 6/15/22 and posts it on Twitter with the caption ‘who’s the trashcan photobombing my pics’. Followers reacted with funny comments.

Rachel loved gaming from an early age and before fame she worked at GameStop while also posting streams on Instagram. There was encouraged to begin a Twitch account which led to a huge following. She discovered later that she would have an even larger following if she posted the videos to Youtube so younger viewers could discover her. Now she exclusively posts to that platform. Aside from Youtube she still regularly posts on Instagram and Twitter to connect with her fans. As of 2022, Valkyrae Twitter account has close to 3 million followers.

Valkyrae Merch

Rachel Hofstetters clothing line consists of affordable loungewear and also includes accessories such as mugs and  totes.
One of many pieces of Valkyrae merch, Rachel is wearing a monochromatic crewneck with her name printed underneath a moon and sun symbol. Called the ‘Total Eclipse’ sweatshirt the garment retails for $60.

Fans of Valkyrae have an endless supply of merch to choose from when they want to show their support for their favorite gamer. Rachel has a slew of street wear available for purchase from everything to sweatshirts, sweatpants to backpacks and even a plushie of her dog Mika. The prices for her apparel range from $30 for a tee-shirt to around $60 for larger items. Hofstetter worked with Revolt and Studio Freight to create her line that dropped on September 24, 2021. She is inclusive in her sizes making sure anyone, any size, can get something from XS-5XL. Color choices she focuses on are red, black and white and there is a definite fantasy/gaming element to them.

Valkyrae No Makeup

Valkyrae posted a video to Youtube and fans went crazy over her no makeup look claiming she was a natural beauty and there was no difference with or without makeup.
Fans of Rachels often point out how beautiful she is and because of her good looks people come to her for makeup and hair tips. Hofstetter posted a Youtube video of her makeup tutorial and the whole thing is endearing to watch.

Valkyrae no makeup look can be found in many of her streaming videos. She appears very casual and comfortable while streaming, dressed in loungewear and her hair thrown up most of the time. Being Rachel wears little makeup to begin with, her look is not much different. Followers of hers and fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane, were quick to compare the ‘no makeup’ looks of their favorite women gamers, and many trolled Pokimane for not looking how they expected. She posted different photos of her without makeup, in better lighting, explaining not everyone looks good 24/7. Hofstetter supported her friend commenting that she was a living breathing inspirational goddess.

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