Tyler1 Height, Age, Head and Girlfriend

Tyler1 Height

Tyler1 is most known for his popularity and high rank on League of Legends but he used to also play football and spends his time at the gym when he's not gaming.
Tyler is one of the most popular League of Legends online personalities, often referred to as LOL. In 2022 he was awarded 5 ‘Challenger’ medals by Riot Games and has admitted before he has an addiction to the game.

Tyler1 Height: The internet personality and Twitch streamer goes by Tyler1, TT or T1 but was born Tyler Steinkamp. Before becoming a streamer professionally he attended Central Methodist University studying computer science. So how tall is Tyler1? Steinkamp is short in stature, standing at only 5’6″. He played football as a running back while attending college where he later dropped out to focus on streaming. Currently, he maintains a following of 5 million on Twitch and 2.74 million on Youtube. Because of his disruptive and abusive behavior towards players, Tyler was banned from League of Legends between 2016 and 2018. He was given the title of ‘The Most Toxic Player in North America’.

Tyler1 Age

Tyler1 pays his mother $70,000 to make and deliver dinners to his house. They include calzones, chicken and steaks.
Photo of Tyler with his mom that he posted on Instagram on December 5th, 2016 with the caption MOMYLER1 ❤️️❤️️. Tylers mother has said that she is a ‘private chef’ but doesn’t mention that it’s for her son, whom she delivers dinners to.

Tyler1 Age and Net Worth: Tyler turned 27 on March 7th, 2022. He currently has a net worth of $2 million. Much of his income comes from Youtube, where he accumulates millions of views monthly and makes around $15,000. Twitch, where he generates an income of over $200,000 monthly. Then his merch sales from his shop loltyler1 add and extra $35,000 a month on average throughout the year. Monthly, we can say that Steinkamps’ revenue is comparable to $250,000. Tyler also competes in gaming tournaments and has hosted his own called Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS). The tournament had over 200,000 concurrent viewers and the winners received $10,000 directly from Tyler. Steinkamp also won the 2022 Streamer Award for Best League of Legends Streamer.

Tyler1 Head

Tylers' head is often talked about amongst his fans and non fans as they notice the shape is not consistent to a normal shaped head and when gaming he has an indentation at the top.
Viewers noticed that when they look closely they can see a dent at the top of Tylers’ head. This is from hours of headset wear and is common for gamers. The indent is not permanent and after time goes back to its normal shape.

Tyler enjoys lifting weights and staying fit which gives him a build that is not consistent with your typical gamer lifestyle. In addition to his bulky body he has a nice little indent on the top of his head from frequent headset use while streaming. It’s not just the dent on the top that has been brought up on message boards and social media but the actual shape of his head is unique and resembles that of a mushroom. Steinkamp is no stranger to verbal abuse and so he takes to his Twitter, posting an up close photo of his head to show just how oddly shaped it is. In the tweet he writes ‘make fun of my head shape while im makin fun of ur elo . shit kids’. The comments were more vulgarity thrown at Tyler who seemed to take it in stride.

Tyler1 Girlfriend

Macaiyla refers to her boyfriend Tyler1 as Bean when she posts about him to her Instagram. The posts including him usually have the most likes.
Photo of Macaiyla and her boyfriend Tyler posted to her Instagram account on November 20, 2020 with the caption ‘4 years of me and bean’. The photo has almost 35,000 likes and over 300 comments which is far more than her average posts.

Macaiyla is a gamer who streams on Twitch and is also a social media personality. She became more well known and gained more of a following once she began dating Tyler1. The two met first on Twitch, when her and her friends stream sniped him. Eventually the two exchanged numbers and met in person at TwitchCon in 2016. She soon moved to Missouri where Tyler lives and is from, to be with him. Macaiyla is similar to Tyler in that they both have a toxic presence on Twitch. Like her boyfriend, she was banned from Twitch for two weeks for a hateful comment. The famous gaming couple also share a love of the gym and keeping fit. Macaiyla is known to sometimes visit the gym twice in one day.

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