Topher Grace Net Worth, Tattoos and Height

Topher Grace Net Worth

Grace took a selfie near a 'Piggly Wiggly' market, sharing it on Instagram as a nostalgic nod to 'That 70's Show' and 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton,' where the 'Piggly Wiggly' served as the local supermarket in both the television series and the movie.
Grace snapped a selfie by a ‘Piggly Wiggly’ market for his Instagram. This is an ode to ‘That 70’s Show’ and ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton’. The ‘Piggly Wiggly’ was the local super market in both the show and movie.

Topher Grace, born Christopher John Grace on July 12, 1978, is an American actor known for his versatile performances in film and television. Rising to fame with his role as Eric Forman in the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show,” Grace showcased his comedic talent and became a household name. He successfully transitioned to the big screen with notable roles in films such as “Traffic” (2000), “Spider-Man 3” (2007), and “BlacKkKlansman” (2018). With a career marked by both comedic and dramatic roles, Topher Grace has established himself as a respected and skilled actor in the entertainment industry. As of 2024, Topher Grace net worth is $14 million.

Topher Grace Tattoos

In the second episode of the seventh season of 'Workaholics,' Topher Grace appeared as a carefree character adorned with numerous tattoos. Fans were thrilled and reacted enthusiastically when he shared a photo of himself in character on Instagram.
In season 7 episode 2 of ‘Workaholics’, Topher Grace made an appearance as a carefree heavily tattooed guy. After posting a photo of him in character on Instagram, fans went ballistic.

Fans of Topher Grace were puzzled in 2023 as pictures of the actor surfaced online. Photos showcased him heavily tattooed, sparking confusion about whether he had real tattoos. Despite the viral images, it was clarified that Topher does not have any neck tattoos. This was confirmed by his recent Instagram posts and acting appearances in ‘That 90s Show’ and ‘Home Economics’ (season 3). The confusion arose from a throwback picture posted by Topher in early 2023. In the photo he portrayed his Workaholics character with tattoos, leading fans to question the actor’s inked status.

Topher Grace Height

During the September 30, 2022 episode of the Kelly Clarkson show, Topher Grace joined Kelsea Ballerini, where his height seemed taller than average, attributed to his slender physique.
On September 30, 2022 Topher came on to the Kelly Clarkson show with Kelsea Ballerini. Topher Grace height appears taller than most due to his slim figure.

Born to Pat and John Grace, Topher grew up in Darien, Connecticut, with his sister Jenny. He’s from GermanJewish ancestry and Irish on his mothers side. Topher Grace has a keen interest in fan edits of films, particularly Star Wars, showcasing his skills on his former website Cereal Prize. In 2012, Topher Grace shortened the Star Wars prequel trilogy into an 85-minute film called “Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back.” Then, in 2018, he crafted his version of The Hobbit. Collaborating with Jeff Yorkes, they established “Lou’s Cafe” on Twitter and, in 2019, were hired by Pixar to edit a retrospective for Toy Story 4, titled “Toy Story 4 Ever.” Grace enjoys spending time with his wife Ashley Hinshaw and raising their two, soon to be three children. Topher Grace height is 5’11”.

Topher Grace Wife

Hinshaw disclosed that she has never watched an episode of 'That '70s Show,' the show that catapulted her husband to stardom. Nevertheless, she expressed being a devoted fan of his movie 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton.'
Hinshaw has revealed she never saw an episode of ‘That 70’s Show’, which made her husband a star. However, she was a huge fan of his movie ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton’.

Grace and Hinshaw, known for their discretion regarding personal matters, share a romance adorned with charming details. Ashley, acclaimed for her roles in True Blood, LOL, and About Cherry, commenced her relationship with Topher in 2014. The couple were married in 2016 in California. Mabel Jane, their first child was born in November 2017, and they confirmed a second pregnancy in January 2020. The birth of their second child occurred during lockdown, as shared by Topher in a 2021 interview with People magazine. In September 2022, he happily shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that they were expecting their third child. During the announcement, he playfully remarked on the diverse reactions from friends with each new addition to their expanding family.

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