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Tom Segura Net Worth

Pazsitzky and Segura are known as comedys power couple who make each even other funnier somehow. Together they share two kids Ellis and Julian.
Tom Segura with wife and comedienne Christina Pazsitzky. The two met in 2003 at a Los Angeles comedy club and married in 2008. Tom Segura net worth largely comes from the podcast the couple host together.

Upon graduating from Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina, Tom Segura began doing nightly stand-ups. During the day he worked a first shift job to pay the bills. They included logging transcripts of reality shows for Kopelson Entertainment. Tom performed at many comedy festivals and was a finalist in the show ‘The Last Comic Standing 2’. In 2008 Segura married Christina Pazsitzky and two years later they started a Podcast called ‘Your Mom’s House’. He also co-hosts ‘2 Bears 1 Cave’ with friend and comedian Bert Kreischer and has four Netflix specials. As of 2022 Tom Segura net worth is estimated to be $12 million and he continues to tour with sold out shows.

Tom Segura Dad

Segura is close with his two sisters Maria, who is married to Jeffrey Peterson and is senior vice president at Merrill Lynch, and Jane who is a real estate agent.
Segura with his mom, dad and sisters Maria and Jane. Tom Segura dad is of Spanish, Cajun and French-Canadian ancestry. His mother Onania is from Peru. She has been on Toms podcast before where he had her read insane lines.

While on Joe Rogans show in 2021, Segura shared a funny story of how he had been visiting his parents lately. During one of those visits, his father Tom presented him photos of his groin infection. Apparently his mother had snapped photos of the said area and they wanted to show their son for an opinion. After many laughs and jokes it had turned out that his father indeed needed surgery on the area. This happened just a few months before his passing on December 29, 2021. Tom referred to his dad as ‘Top Dog’ when talking about him on his podcast. His father was a former FBI agent and led a marine platoon in Vietnam amongst other achievements. Later he became chairman of Indian River Medical Center board in Vero Beach, FL.

Tom Segura Twitter

Bert and Tom talk about Aris comments on the death of Kobe when he said things like "Kobe died 23 years too late today".
Best friends and podcast hosts of ‘2 Bears, 1 Cave’ Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura talk about Ari Shaffirs comments on Kobe Bryants’ death. Shaffir is a comedian who is known for his dark comedy and is friends with the duo.

Tom Segura Twitter handle is @tomsegura and he has over 830k followers on the platform. His profile photo is of him during a newscast and the background photo is the cover to his new book ‘I’d Like To Play Alone, Please’. A link to his merch and Netflix specials are seen in his bio and the comedian posts multiple times a day, many of them being retweets. Segura also has Instagram that he also frequently posts to. Almost two million fans follow him on the social media site. Much of his posts include video’s of him talking and promoting his shows, clips of podcasts and others are him doing funny filters.

Tom Segura Will Smith

Ball Hog is one of four Netflix specials of Seguras. It was released March 24, 2020 and runs an hour long.
Tom Segura during his Netflix Special ‘Ball Hog’ which came out in 2020. In the Netflix special, Tom gets personal and tells stories about following your dreams. He also makes the audience feel uncomfortable with bits like ‘he’d kill a dog if it hurt his son’.

During the 94th Academy Awards on March 27th, 2022, Chris Rock was slapped across the face whilst onstage hosting the event. The comedian made a remark poking fun at Will Smiths’ wife Jada Pinketts’ hair, or lack thereof, and it set off the ‘Bad Boys’ actor to a point where he physically defended Jada. Mere moments after, Will accepted an award for his role in ‘King Richard’ to a standing ovation. Segura was sickened by Smiths behavior and called it a “display of entitlement”. He went to say that you see it all the time in Hollywood, wealthy and powerful men believing they can get away with anything. Tom mentioned the fact that nobody stood up and called him out was unacceptable. Jim Carey voiced his opinion on the matter as well, agreeing with Tom Segura and adding that he should have filed a lawsuit.

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