Tom Holland Height, Haircut and Net Worth

Tom Holland Height

Tom with co-star and girlfirend Zendaya at spider-man premier.
Tom Holland and girlfriend Zendaya at the Spider-man: Homecoming Premiere in 2017.

Our favorite superhero stands at 5’8”, which is only 2 inches shorter than girlfriend Zendaya who is 5’10”. Fans of the couple seemed to think the height difference somehow affected their relationship. However, the two addressed these assumptions stating it was “stupid” and it was common in relationships for the woman to be taller than the man.

The couple even joked about Tom Holland’s height during the Graham Norton Show, mentioning a scene in Spiderman where they jump off a bridge. Spiderman gently rests MJ on said bridge, and walks away. Except in this case, Zendaya’s feet hit first because of her height. They get up and walk us through it and the whole thing is very endearing. 

Tom Holland Haircut

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland at Comiccon being silly.
Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars with Tom in Spider-man: Far From home, playfully rubs his newly shaved head at the ACE Comic Con.

One thing Tom has going for him is his luscious locks. Fans of Toms’ can’t get enough of his hair, and you can find many hair tutorials on Youtube on how to achieve the look. Shortly after Spiderman: Far From Home was filmed, Tom shaved his head for his next movie “Cherry”. While this changed his look quite a bit, Tom was quite happy with the ease of his new do. His first public appearance sporting this new haircut was at the ACE Comic Con in Rosemont, Illinois. Not to worry though! Tom grew his hair back out to film Spider-man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland Net Worth: Tom has a net worth of 18 million as of 2022. His big break came with being cast as Spiderman in 2015. He has now starred in 5 Marvel movies as Spiderman, and while there are no specific details yet, there have been hints of more to come for this role.

Tom and zendaya make a silly pose while attending a party
Tom Holland and Zendaya being silly together at a BAFTA after party in London.

The Early Years: Tom was born as Thomas Stanley Holland on June 1st, 1996. He grew up in Kingston upon Thames, England just south of London. Tom’s mother did photography and his father was an author and comedian. Like his girlfriend, Tom took up dancing at a young age. He danced at Nifty Feet Dance School in Wimbledon when he was 10. He proceeded to win the role of Michael Caffrey in Billy Elliot the Musical in 2008 after being noticed by a choreographer. Holland’s first film was The Impossible in 2012, which went on to earn $180 million.

Tom Holland Cute as Can Be

Tom Holland holding puppy and playing with two others during interview
What’s cuter than Tom Holland holding a puppy? Absolutely nothing. Tom plays with a bunch of pups during this adorable interview.

The Spiderman actor is loved by his fans and there are dozens of Youtube videos dedicated to how cute Tom Holland is. There is no shortage of love for him on the internet.

One thing I found interesting that many people may not know, is that Tom also voiced Ian Lightfoot in Disney’s “Onward”. Furthermore, he starred alongside Robert Downey Jr (again) in the movie Dolittle, as Jip the dog. Although he has gained popularity, Tom eventually wants to settle down and have kids. He’s very excited to start a family and be a father. Fans are swooning over this newly released information wondering if Tom Holland could be any cuter.

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