Sophie Turner Height, Baby, Net Worth and More

Sophie Turner Height

Sophie Turner with her husband Joe Jonas at the premier of her movie X-Men: Dark Pheonix starring James McAvoy.
Sophie Turner at the premier of her movie Dark Pheonix in 2019 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Joe Jonas is a couple inches shorter than his wife, however with heels the difference looks to be much greater than that.

Now known as Sophie Jonas since her marriage to Joe Jonas, the Game of Thrones star was born on February 21st, 1996 in Northampton, England. Later, she moved to a large Edwardian style home in Chesterton, Warwickshire where she became a member of the Playbox Theatre Company. Sophie is a twin and her sister died before their birth. Her two older brothers are Will and James. Turner has a tall slender physique and stands at 5’9″ which is taller than average for a woman. Her pop star husband is 5’7″ which is below average for a male. In 2016 Sophie met Joe Jonas through mutual friends. A year later the two were engaged, and in 2019 they tied the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada. A second ceremony was held for their friends and family in Paris, France a couple months after their nuptials.

Sophie Turner Baby

The Jonas brothers Kevin and Joe both have two children and both are girls while their older brother Nick and his wife Priyanka also just added another little girl to their family.
Before Sophie Turner had babies of her own, Joe and her would visit and get practice by hanging out with their nieces. Kevin Jonas and Danielles’ daughters Valentina and Alena were born in 2014 and 2016.

The couple didn’t waste any time growing their family. Shortly after their marriage, Sophie became pregnant. In July the following year gave birth to a baby girl named Willa. In July of 2022 their family expanded with the birth of their second daughter, also born in July. Her name has yet to be revealed, but Sophie has iterated that she would not be posting photos of her children on social media. Recently the paparazzi were able to snap a photo of Sophie with her daughter and the image was sold. Turner took to her Instagram stories and explained that she was sickened by her invasion of privacy. Though she understands that she is a high profile actress, that is not the life she wants for her young daughters.

Sophie Turner Net Worth

Being a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton means that you get to attend events. Turner is often seen at Louis Vuitton shows and dinner parties.
Sophie Turner is also a model and brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton. She is seen in their new campaign for the Tambour Horizon Light Up Connected watch.. Turner is often seen out and about wearing Louis Vuitton apparel.

In 2009 Sophie Turner was cast as Sansa Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones. At the time she was just thirteen and didn’t know the impact the show would have on her career. Turner appeared in all eight seasons. Due to the popularity of the show, much of her net worth came from it. The role also gave her the opportunity to grow as an actress. Other major roles she is known for are playing Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse and Margaret Ratliff in the television series ‘The Staircase’. Alone, Sophie Turner net worth is $8 million. However, when combined with her husband Joe Jonas they have a shared net worth of about $48 million.

Sophie Turner Movies & TV Shows

Rumors that Sophie and Maisie were dating circulated on the set of GOT so the best friends would kiss between scenes to fuel the rumor.
Sophie Turner practically grew up on the set of Game of Thrones and because of the long hours spent with her costars they became close friends. Maisie and Sophie especially connected and Sophie said in an interview that the two would make out on set to prank their cast mates that they were dating.

Aside from Game of Thrones, and the X-Men franchise, Sophie Turner movies also include ‘Another Me’ in 2013 where she played the lead role. She was also in Barely Lethal, Josie, Time Freak and Heavy, all during the time she was also filming for Thrones. Her television roles are Jane in ‘Survive’, Westley in ‘Home Movie: The Princess Bride’ and Princess Charlotte in ‘The Prince’. Sophie plays the daughter Margaret, of the victim in the true crime drama miniseries ‘The Staircase’. In 2015 Turner won the Empire Hero Award for her role in Game of Thrones. Other awards she has won are the Emmy Award and Glamour award for the same show.

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