Sommer Ray Net Worth, Bikini, Mom and TikTok

Sommer Ray Net Worth

Sommer Ray showing off her cash in a pink two-piece and colorful bandana.
in 2016 when Sommer Ray was just 20 she became a millionaire. When Ray was a teen in high school she started her Instagram account posting provocative photos of her and because of it she was bullied so bad she had to drop out.

Born on September 16, 1996 in Colorado, Sommer began modeling when she was 16 years old. Around the same time, she started lifting weights and became a competitive body builder. Two years later she became a fitness model. Ray posted photos of herself on social media along with videos showing her fitness routine which gained her followers. In 2017 when she was 21 she began vlogging on Youtube, carrying over many of her Instagram following. She makes her money from brand endorsements, commercials and modeling. As of 2022 Sommer Rays net worth is $8 million and her annual income is about $1 million.

Sommer Ray Bikini

Sommer Ray wearing one of her animal print bikini's that she is now selling on her website at Sommer Rays Shop.
Sommer has had her own line of clothing that she models on social media often. Her most popular tee probably being the one of her bare backside in three different bikinis. But recently she launched a line of bathing suits, many having animal prints which she is seen in most often.

Because Sommer Ray is a fitness model she does a large amount of photo shoots wearing a bikini. So it comes as no surprise that she started her own swim line called SMR Swimwear. Sommer Ray has a variety of fitness apparel, loungewear and accessories for women and also a men’s athleisure clothing line. When she was 16, 17 and 18 she competed in teen Bikini competitions and won first place in 2015 in NPC Colorado as a Bikini Class D. Sommer is known for her toned glutes and videos posting her favorite booty band exercises on social media. She is not into plastic surgery and said she does not enhance or photoshop her posts unless its to smooth a temporary flaw on her face.

Sommer Ray Mom

On May 8th Sommer Ray posted photos of her with her mom, mostly in bikinis, and one working out, wishing her a Happy Mothers' Day.
Sommer and her mother Shannon Ray are incredibly close and have done photo shoots together. Her mother played a significant part in her becoming as famous as she has. On Mothers’ day she posted a series of photos of them together and referred to her as her best friend.

Shannon Ray, Sommer Rays mom, is also a bodybuilder and competed when she was younger. She is of Czechoslovakian decent and her father was adopted. Her mom is also an Instagram model with currently 696k followers. Her account initially started out as a biker account and then turned into fitness. Shannon was born in 1964 and gave birth to four children. Savanah her oldest, also has a following on Instagram where she posts dark and moody photos. Sommer is her second oldest, and then Skylyn is her third daughter and twin to her son Bronson. Shannon was featured in FHM in 2017.

Sommer Ray TikTok

Sommer was linked to Clout House member Ricegum and lived there for awhile, while also allegedly dated Taylor Holder, another TikToker.
Taylor Holder and Sommer Ray reportedly dated briefly between May and July of 2020. The drama that ensued between them was aired out on back and forth podcasts they were on. Holder is a famous TikToker with over 20 million followers. Previously she was linked to Ricegum.

Instagram may be where Sommer got her start but once she gained her fans she created a Twitter and TikTok account too. She has 12.4 million followers on TikTok and posts frequently. Mostly she takes videos of her doing workouts or being silly with her friends. There are some videos of her trying on different makeup or beauty products that she endorses, and plenty of her dancing with her pet tarantula and snake. Sommer Rays TikTok handle is @SommerRay and she has 268.5 million likes.

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