Skai Jackson Height, Net Worth, Jodie Woods and More

Photo of Skai Jackson wearing a casual shacket in front of a bush
Skai Jackson’s height and small frame make her appear younger than she truly is.

Skai Jackson Height

Jackson was born in Staten Island, New York to Jacob Jackson and Kiya Cole. Her parents divorced and she grew up with her mom as a single child. Jackson is probably most well known for her role as Zuri in the Disney show ‘Jessie’. Three years ago, Skai posted to her Instagram a photo of her drivers license with the caption ‘Finally got my drivers license!! 🚘 #ReachForTheSkai in October’. We can see from her drivers license that she is 5’0″ and 86 lbs.

Maddie Ziegler stops to take a photo with Skai Jackson at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2016.
Skai Jackson with Maddie Ziegler at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Maddie doesn’t seem to be wearing heels in this photo and she is 5’5″, while Skai Jackson is in heels and clearly still much shorter than the dancer.

Skai Jackson Net Worth

Ever since she was a baby, Skai has been modeling and has appeared in national commercials. Her first major role was in the movie ‘Liberty Kid’. She had a few other roles after that before landing her recurring, and most well-known role, as Zuri in the Disney show ‘Jessie’. The sitcom ran from 2011 to 2015 and Skai continued playing Zuri for three more years in the spin-off ‘Bunk’d’. Jackson competed in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for their 29th season with Alan Bersten and appeared in Lil Nas X music video ‘Panini’. Skai Jackson’s net worth is currently around $1 million as of 2022.

Skai Jackson posts a series of photos to her Instagram dressed in black, attending a Kora Organics event.
In December 2021 Skai Jackson attends a Kora Organics event. Skai uses Miranda Kerrs’ line of skin care Kora Organics. She has several videos on her Instagram advertising the products and showing us her skin care routine.

Skai Jackson and Jodie Woods

In 2021, a TikToker, Mia J, accused Skai Jackson of bullying Jodie Woods. Jodie is a Instagram fashion influencer and the younger sister of Jordyn Woods. The rumors were cleared up when messages between Skai and Mia revealed the TikToker attempted to get $3k from the actress. In return, she would remove the videos. Jackson quickly took to social media to alert everyone of the fake news. She assured her fans that her and Jodie spoke, and there is no beef between the two.

Kobe Bryant casually sitting next to a properly sitting Skai Jackson turned into a meme that circulated around the internet.
One of the many memes created from the photo taken of Skai Jackson. The original photo was taken in New York right before she was going on FOX 5 to talk about her new show ‘Bunk’d’.

Skai Jackson Meme

In April 2016, Twitter found a new meme to circulate of a very prim looking Skai Jackson sitting on a chair. It didn’t take long for people to get creative with the photo. One meme is the image of her, but with four different hairstyles in each. At the top it says ‘me making new Netflix accounts to get free 1 month trials’. Then we have another, with a prissy looking Beyonce and Kobe Bryant next to Skai, that says ‘when your entire family is petty’. Needless to say, social media had a lot of fun with the random photo her hairstylist took of the actress.

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