Quavo Height, Teeth, Net Worth and Instagram

Quavo Height

Quavo Huncho attends the Vanity Fair Oscar Party amongst a slew of other celebs including Kim Kardashian and John Legend.
Quavious Keyate Marshall attended the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party and was dressed to the nines. The party was held at the Wallis Annenburg Center in Beverly Hills.

Quavo Height: You may wonder how tall is Quavo? One of three members of the Migos rap group, Quavo was born on April 2nd, 1991 and is 31 years old. Quavo is 5’10.5″ tall and stands a little above average for an American male. Quavious made a bold statement saying that he’s the ‘best basketball player in hip-hop’. Jack Harlow and Quavo faced off against 2 Chainz and Lil Baby. Needless to say, they won the game, claiming victory and proving his claim true. As a lover of sports, Quavo also played football in high school and set a record for most complete passes in a game.

Quavo Teeth

Quavo graduated high school with the class of 2020 and took to Instagram to tell his fans. In his post he says 'Now What College Should I Go To?'.
Migos rapper Quavo did not graduate high school with the rest of his Class of 2009. He dropped out a couple months before the end of his senior year. Quavo went back to finish up in 2020 and finally received his diploma.

Quavo Teeth: We are used to seeing Quavo with his signature glasses and grill on his teeth. He reportedly had a diamond grill that was not permanent but left his teeth in bad shape. He showed a video on Instagram of his teeth with the diamonds. The same video was found on Youtube but with a set of very damaged teeth. They appeared to be split, chipped and brown. In the same video clip circulating you see him with his grill back on. The video is suspicious and seems like it could’ve been edited. In other photos of him without a grill, he looks to have a set of perfect pearly whites.

Quavo Net Worth

The 3 Migos were memorialized at the Grammy Museum with an exhibit featuring four of their blazers worn by the group.
Quavo with his other 2 Migos. All three members are directly related. Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew and Offset is his cousin. They all lived together with Quavos’ mother in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Quavo Net Worth: As of 2022, the three Migos reportedly have a collective net worth of $80 million. With that being said, Quavo himself is worth about $26 million. The rap group began in 2008 as the Polo Club. They believed it to be too generic of a name and later changed it to Migos. It wasn’t until 2013 they had major success after releasing the song ‘Versace’ that was remixed by Drake. Quavo has worked with top artists including Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott, who collaborated on the song ‘Go Off’ together for ‘The Fast and the Furious’. Qavious also owns a quarter of the FCF Glacier Boyz, an indoor football team in the Fan Controlled Football League.

Quavo Instagram

Huncho Day began in 2018 as a charity event in which money is raised for kids and a celebrity football game is held. Quavo signed a check for $150,000 at his last event in 2022.
Quavious’ latest Instagram post is of him signing a $150,000 check to the Tender Foundation that helps single moms across Atlanta, Georgia. This foundation is near and dear to him as his mother raised him on her own when his father died at a young age.

Quavo Huncho’s Instagram handle is @quavohuncho. He is active on the platform, posting many times a week, which is part of the reason for his 21 million followers. His latest post was a series of photos from the Huncho Day charity event. Quavo hosts an annual Huncho Day flag football game in which he plays with and against other rappers, and gives back to the children and community. Other photos he shares on social media are of him in concert, hanging out or promoting new music.

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