Quando Rondo Age, Net Worth and Shooting

Quando Rondo Age

Spending time in Juvenile Detention Centers in his youth, Quando Rondo decided to do something with his life, and knew he wanted to create music. Shortly following his incarceration he went to work right away, recording music with top name artists and pursuing his dreams.

Born on March 23, 1999, Quando Rondo is an American rapper known for songs ‘I Remember‘ (featuring Lil Baby) and ‘Motivation’. As of 2002 Quando Rondo age is twenty-three. He was raised in Savannah, Georgia and his birth name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman. When Bownman was young he loved music. After running into trouble with the law, he decided to pursue a career in music. Much of his inspiration came from Chicago rapper Chief Keef. As a teen, Quando Rondo was apart of the Los Angeles, California based gang ‘The Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips’. His professional name is a play on his real name plus ‘Rondo’ after his favorite basketball player Rajon Rondo.

Quando Rondo Net Worth

Tyquian got busy immediately, knowing he wanted to become a rapper and knowing exactly how to pull in an audience, it seems like Bowmans success happened overnight. Now he has 45 singles, six mixtapes and one studio album.

Fame came quick for Quando Rondo, with his first single becoming a hit off the bat. Following that release, he signed with NBA Youngboys‘ Atlantic Record imprint, Never Broke Again, LLC in July, 2018. A large part of his success is because he is linked with other popular rappers and features them on his tracks. After signing with NBA Youngboy, Quando Rondo collaborated on three out of the four tracks the former released on his EP ‘4Loyalty’. Lil Durk is heard during a verse of one of Bowmans songs on his mixtape ‘Life b4 Fame’. Kevin Gates and Quando Rondo were also featured in Youngboys ‘I Am Who They Say I Am’. ‘QPac’ is Tyquians’ first studio Album. It was released in 2020, after that releasing another mixtape ‘Diary of a Lost Child’ to mixed reviews. As of 2022 Quando Rondo net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Quando Rondo Shooting

After contacting law enforcement following a shooting at a Los Angeles gas station, Quando Rondo learns that his friend is unconscious after being hit by the onslaught of bullets directed at them.

There has been controversy surrounding Quando Rondo since 2019. It began when a lawsuit was filed by a former bodyguard pressing assault charges. The following year at an Atlanta nightclub, deceased rapper King Von got into an altercation with Quando Rondos crew and rapper ‘Lul Timm’. The incident appeared to of started with King Von approaching Bowmans associates and starting a physical fight. Gunfire eventually broke out which led to the death of King Von. In 2022 Quando Rondo found himself in another shooting that took place in Los Angeles. A white sedan fled the scene after firing shots at Bowman and his friends at a gas station. Quando Rondo appeared to have no injuries but a friend of his died shortly after from gunshot wounds. Ever since his support for his friend Lul Timm, who was charged with the murder of King Von, he has been strongly criticized.

Quando Rondo Challenge

One of Quando Rondo’s greatest accomplishments would probably be his daughter Italy Naomi, who was born in late 2019. Italys mother is Bowmans old girlfriend Jai Doll. Quando Rondo wrote a song to his daughter that was released in 2020 titled ‘Letter To My Daughter’.

The King Von shooting stirred up much controversy for the Georgia rapper. Whether he was guilty from the incident in Atlanta or not, he made many enemies. Quando Rondo lost a friend from the latest hit and run in L.A. While Bowman was the intended target, according to police, Lul Pab was shot instead, later dying at the hospital. Video of Quando Rondo reacting to his friends lifeless body being pulled from his vehicle hit the news. In the clip you can clearly see the rapper is frazzled, upset and loses control, as anyone would in the situation. Oblock affiliate ‘Famous Richard’ began the Quando Rondo Challenge on TikTok, reenacting the scene where paramedics lay his injured friend on the ground. While the challenge is disturbing, fans of Vons have defended it.

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