Pooh Shiesty Net Worth, Mask, Dad and Meme

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Pooh Shiesty fanning out his money along his arm while he poses with it next to a car.
Pooh Shiestys rise to fame was quick and his first mixtape Shiesty Season peaked at number two on the US R&B Charts and number three on the US Charts. Songs ‘Monday to Sunday’, ‘Back in Blood’ and ‘Neighbors’ were all certified Platinum.

Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. was born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 8, 1999. His professional name Pooh Shiesty came from him being called ‘Mr. Pooh’ by his brother. Lontrell added ‘Shiesty’ after it, describing his lifestyle. Pooh Shiesty didn’t become famous till around 2020 when he released ‘Back in Blood’ featuring Lil Durk. Since then he has released the mixtape Shiesty Season in February of 2021 that was certified Platinuum by the RIAA. Williams has been featured in countless songs with a variety of other rappers including Gucci Mane, G Herbo and DaBaby. In 2021 Pooh Shiesty was nominated for a BET Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip Hop Artist. Pooh Shiestys’ career was cut short when he was arrested in April 2022 for a gun conspiracy conviction. Because of the arrest his net worth was revealed in court documents and is listed as $3,449,446.

Pooh Shiesty Mask

'Shiestys' also known as ski masks became popular when up and coming rapper Pooh Shiesty was seen wearing the head garment.
Pooh Shiesty started the ski mask trend when he was seen wearing a black Nike balaclava during a concert. Now, the search for ‘Shiesty ski mask’ is in full gear and apparel stores everywhere are creating similar masks with different patterns.

While the style of mask that Pooh Shiesty wears is not new, it’s become wildly popular because of him. The ‘Pooh Shiesty Mask’ or what is known as a balaclava was created in 1854 and was meant to keep British troops’ faces warm during the Crimean war. Today you can buy balaclavas almost anywhere and they come in different styles. Pooh Shiesty began wearing them as he became more popular in the music industry and the ones he wore resembled more of a tight fitting ski mask. Because Williams brought on the trend, people referred to them as ‘Pooh Shiesty mask’ or ‘Shiestys’. He even has his own lime green style of them that you can purchase at the New 1017 Records store. A Memphis store that banned the masks called them ‘Shiestys’, the sign saying ‘Please remove all Shiestys before entering’.

Pooh Shiesty Dad

Being a rapper runs in the family as Pooh Shiesty, his cousin Big Scarr and brother Terrence take cues from Shiestys father Mob Boss.
Pooh Shiesty followed in his fathers footsteps when he became a rapper. He was named after his father who is also Lontrell Donell Williams. He is also cousins with rapper Big Scarr who is also signed to Gucci Mane 1017 Records.

Lontrell comes from a family of rappers. His brother TeeDa P was a rapper who had passed away recently of brain cancer. Williams father rapped as well and he watched his dad in the studio growing up. His father taught him how to “put his pain into what he was doing”. Pooh Shiesty dad goes by the alias Mob Boss and he founded Mob Ties Records. He didn’t expect his son to become a rapper but did his best to prepare his son for it. Lontrell recalls as a kid remembering his father getting ready for tours. As he became older he was able to attend a couple of his concerts.

Pooh Shiesty Meme

"I can't unsee it" was the caption in every  meme comparing Pooh Shiesty to that of Disney Cars' lovable tow truck Mater.
In a still from Pooh Shiestys video with Big 30 titled ‘Neighbors’, Williams is seen donning a yellow robe while holding a yellow mug. As he leaves his home to get the mail and check out his new neighbor he leans against his mailbox winking at his neighbors daughter and the internet noticed how familiar his features were to Maters’.

Pooh Shiesty memes surfaced after the release of his video ‘Neighbors‘ featuring Big 30. In the video, Pooh is seen observing the new neighbors that moved in, and raps about keeping his gun closer than a neighbor. As he leaves his house to get the mail wearing a yellow robe, people noticed that he resembled Mater from the Disney movie Cars. A side by side of Mater and Pooh Shiesty in his video leaning on his mailbox, shows a good likeness between the two. Another person saw that he looked like 15 cent from The Proud Family. A meme was created from this comparison as well with a side by side of the character with Shiesty, accompanied with a similar caption.

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