PewdiePie Height, Bridge, Tattoos and Maya

PewdiePie Height

Jacksepticeye, pewdiepie and Markiplier all became friends through their growing audiences and popularity on Youtube. Here they are dressed as super heroes posing for a photo.
Depending on who you ask, PewdiePie height is either 5’9″ or 5’11”. Claiming to be 5’11”, PewdiPie is seen next to a 5’10” Markiplier sometimes looking shorter and sometimes looking taller than his fellow Youtuber.

The Swedish Youtuber PewdiePie was born on October 24, 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. His birth name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. At the age of 21 Felix began his Youtube account and his content started out as Let’s Play videos. He played mainly horror and action games while providing commentary and recording. Two years after he had one of the fastest growing channels. Kjellberg has an older sister named Fanny who he is close with and is seen in his ‘MEET MY FAMILY’ video. PewdiePie is married to former Italian Youtuber Marzia Bisognin as of 2019. Marzia is an internet personality and businesswoman. Formerly vlogging beauty products, tutorials and hauls she now owns several clothing and fashion lines. PewdiePie height is just over 5’9″ but he has claimed before that he was 180 cm.

PewdiePie Bridge

In late 2019 PewdiePie announced he would be taking a break from Youtube the following year. He said he was tired and burnt out following the controversy involving the comments he made while on a bridge in the game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’.

An unfortunate incident on September 10th, 2017 while playing ‘PlayerUknown’s Battleground (also known as PubB), PewdiePie uttered a racial slur while entering a gun fight on a bridge. If this was the only time Felix crossed over to this antisemitism territory it may have been forgiven. However, he has used the ‘n’ word before when he shared that he was ranked #18 in a video titled ‘100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016’. On January 5th, 2017 after posting the video, he commented “18 ni**a!”. PewdiePie Bridge is now known by all as the time Kjellberg said the words “What a f**king ni**er”. After using the racial slur he quickly follows it with “I don’t mean that in a bad way”. Many criticized Felix for this incident, however he garnered support from his fans and fellow gamers saying it was used in a ‘heated gaming moment’.

PewdiePie Tattoos

PewdiePie tattoos have received a lot of attention as of late as fans analyze and try to understand their significance. They are each unique and personal to him. Some of his most loyal followers have gotten ink of their favorite Youtubers face, and some symbols that represent him.

There are six tattoos that adorn Felix’s body and they all bear some meaning for the Youtuber. On his upper right arm he has a Swedish church with the roof partly open and shadowy eyes peeking out. Another tattoo on his arm is that of a skeleton riding a cat. Gary Baseman who did the original artwork that inspired the ink addressed his knowledge of it on his Instagram. Famous artist Kaws was the inspiration behind his tattoo of a girl covering her face. He calls the frog playing a trumpet ‘Slippy’ after his pet frog by the same name, also on his arm. A combination of PewdiePie tattoos down his left forearm are very unique done by Luciano from Body Art Guru. They contain a heart shaped mans face with an open mouth and full set of teeth, below him is an eye with three tear drops.

PewdiePie Maya

The Kjellberg family first lived in Sweden, PewdiePie's homeland, then moving to Italy where Marzia is from to later reside in  Brighton, England
PewdiePie with wife Marzia and their two pugs Maya and Edgar. The Kjellbergs are parents to a few different pets but the most featured are probably the pugs.

Maya is one of two beloved pugs of the Kjellberg family. Edgar is the name of their other pooch. Both dogs have been watched by fans as they went from pups to old age and Maya who now has dementia is declining at the age of seventeen. In vlogs done by Felix, he has talked about Maya’s health issues and has explained due to her old age that they would not be looking into medical treatment for her disease. On top of her progressing dementia she is also going blind and deaf, and gets angry and frustrated at times. Maya was born in 2005 and in her early years she lost an eye from an encounter with a cat. when PewdiePie talks for Maya he uses a high pitched voice. You can see the Kjellbergs love for their fur babies when they talk about them and are with them.

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