Paul Pierce Net Worth, Stabbed, Wife and College

Paul Pierce Net Worth

Paul Pierce was the 23rd player in history to be honored upon retiring after being signed to the Celtics for 15 years.
Pierce retired in 2017 with the Boston Celtics after signing a ceremonial contract. His jersey was raised to the rafters during a postgame ceremony. Paul Pierce stands at a height of 6’7″, one inch above the current average for an NBA player.

As one of the 25 top highest paid NBA players, Paul Pierces Net Worth amounts to $70 million. Before retiring in 2017 Paul had a long basketball career starting in 1998 playing for the Boston Celtics to ending with the LA Clippers in 2017. He led his team the Celtics to the NBA finals in 2008, winning the finals and earning the MVP award. Playing for the Boston Celtics for 15 years Paul set a record surpassing Larry Bird to of scored over 20,000 points with the team. He won the three-point contest at the 2010 NBA All-Star game and is a 10 time NBA-All Star. On top of his salary, Paul Pierce earned millions more through endorsements. During the NBA alone he made $198 million. Upon retiring Paul Pierce was hired by ESPN to be an analyst. He was fired just four years later for an inappropriate post on Instagram.

Paul Pierce Stabbed

While Paul Pierce was not doing anything illegal, he pushed too far when he posted a video of him smoking what appeared to be marijuana with scantily clad dancers.
In 2021 Paul Pierce posted an Instagram Live video of him smoking, drinking and surrounded by exotic dancers. It was because of this video that he was fired from ESPN. The video had been the last straw as the turmoil between the network and Pierce had been present for awhile.

On September 25th, 2000, Paul Pierce was stabbed eleven times in the face, neck and back while at a Boston Nightclub called The Buzz. He was lucky to of fully recovered, and many claim that the angles of the stabbing were what narrowly missed doing major damage. Paul underwent lung surgery at the Tufts-New England Surgical Center and later donated $2.5 million to help expand the center and show appreciation. The assailants were arrested and charged with attempted murder. They both still insist that they did not stab Pierce. It is believed that Pierce was speaking to a woman when a group of men came up to him and smashed a bottle over his head. A year following the incident Paul suffered from depression and would avoid large crowds. He also made sure to have a gun on him at all times.

Paul Pierce Wife

Many people didnt know Pierce and Landrum divorced until a recent video was released on Instagram. Paul said he was 'divorced and just having fun'.
Interior Designer Julie Landrum with ex Paul Pierce at the Justice League premier on November 13, 2017 in Hollywood, California. After dating for a few years they tied the knot and had three children together.

Pierce met his wife Julie Landrum in 2005 after an NBA All-Star weekend. The two clicked right away and began living together. Two years after dating and before getting married Julie became pregnant and the couple had their first daughter named Prianna. Upon tying the knot in 2010, Paul and Julie welcomed two more children Adrian and Prince, who was named after the iconic singer. Landrum attended school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and New York School of Interior Design where she received her BA. She has her own interior design business and is hired by many celebrities to decorate their homes. Julie Landrum has also been on the Traditional Home list of the worlds top 20 interior designers and received other accolades for her work as well.

Paul Pierce College

Pierce with another Jayhawks player while playing for Kansas. He was named  All-American and a finalist for the Wooden Award.
Paul Pierce gave Kansas Jayhawks three seasons before moving on to the NBA. He led them to 98 wins and three conference titles. Scoring most of his points his junior year with 777 and 1,768 overall.

In 1995 Paul Pierces college of choice had been Kansas and he earned honorable mention All-Big Eight honors. Sharing the title with Chauncey Billups, Pierce was also named Big-Eight Co-Freshman of the year. Paul earned two of the Most Valuable Player awards for the Big 12 Conference Tournament. For three seasons Pierce played for Kansas and was ranked the fifth-leading scorer in Jayhawks’ history. In 1998 Paul left college to enter the NBA draft where he landed with the Boston Celtics playing for a team he said he despised as a kid. Before college, Paul Pierce played for Inglewood, High School and didn’t make the varsity team at first. In his junior year however he became their best player. As a senior he played in the McDonalds All-American Game with Kevin Grant and Vince Carter among others. Pauls dream was to someday play for the LA Lakers, his favorite team growing up.

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