Nicki Minaj Height, Instagram and Flag

Nicki Minaj poses with Lil Baby. The two are friends Lil Baby is featured on Nicki's new song 'Do We Have a Problem?'
Nicki Minaj standing with Lil Baby who is 5’8”. Minaj performed at Lil Baby’s ‘The Back Outside’ tour and the two collab on ‘Bussin’ and ‘Do We Have a Problem?’

Nicki Minaj Height

How tall is Nicki Minaj? The ‘Anaconda’ singer hasn’t been shy about her height. In her song ‘Whip It’ Nicki raps “I’m like 5’2, my SAT scores was high too”. We could view these lyrics as nothing more than her trying to put a rhyme together, but it’s clear she’s shorter than average. In 2015, Nicki posts to Twitter and says ‘He 6’3 – I’m 5’3. How tall r u?’. We also hear Minaj say on a Live TikTok Video, ‘I was never 5’2″, I went from 5’1″ to 5’3″‘. The ‘Massive Attack’ rapper seems determined to set the record straight that she is 5’3″ and to not take her song too seriously.

Nicki posts photo to her Instagram of her with her son at his 1st birthday party.
Nicki and Kenneth celebrate their baby boy turning one with a Kung Fu Panda bear themed party, complete with bouncy houses and face painting!

Nicki Minaj Instagram

Many people don’t know that Nicki’s birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj and that she was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Onika also has a son with her husband Kenneth Petty. She has not been vocal about his name, but fans call him baby Simba. Some believe they heard the name ‘Isaiah’ during a video posted to her Instagram. As of March 2022, Nicki has 178 million followers on Instagram and 15.5 million on TikTok. She posts on both platforms on a regular basis.

Nicki Minaj wearing an American Flag bathing suit saluting the camera for a photo shoot in 2015.
Image of Nicki Minaj sported on flags everywhere representing the LGBTQ community and the Gen-Z population. The original photo was taken for an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Nicki Minaj Flag

If you frequent TikTok it’s likely you know the Nicki Minaj flag. The rapper is seen saluting the camera in an American Flag print bikini with the American Flag in the background. The initial photo was for Cosmopolitan Magazine in May of 2015. The flag has been turned into a symbol, for her fanbase and for the LGTBQ community who follow her. It has become a meme on TikTok amongst many (especially the country folk) who proudly display her flag instead of the American one. The Nicki Minaj flag represents those who are stereotyped one way but don’t share those beliefs. 

You can purchase the flag on Amazon, Walmart and Etsy amongst other websites!

Nicki MInaj
Nicki Posts a sexy photo of herself on Instagram in January 30th, 2022. She is wearing a black dress laying in a seductive pose and the caption only says 2.4.22.

Nicki Minaj Sexy

The queen of sex appeal some would say, Nicki is not ashamed of her body nor is she timid when it comes to showing it off. To celebrate turning 39, Nicki strips down to her birthday suit in a series of sexy poses. She’s seen straddling a giant teddy bear while covering her breast, in another she’s holding a birthday cake in heels and not much else. Minaj was born with a curvy body and she is not afraid to flaunt it! She has said before that ‘sex appeal’ is apart of her image, but she’s also confident and fierce, and she hopes she is not misread by others.

Nicki Minaj holding a cake sporting her pink hair and wearing not much else than a thong to celebrate her last year in her 30's.
Onika posts to her Instagram account on December 9th, photos from a sexy photo shoot she did to commemorate her birthday.

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