Nate Diaz Net Worth, Wife, Height and IG

Nate Diaz Net Worth

Yancy Medeiros with Athlete Nate Diaz in Hawaii. Yancy is also an American Mixed Martial Artist.
Yancy Medeiros and Nate Diaz pose for a photo that Nate has posted on his Instagram. The two were in Hawaii and the caption reads ‘Reppin’ @yancymedeiros Hawaii wit my guy’.

Nate Diaz Net Worth: Nate began his fighting career at the age of 17 when he competed against Robert Limon in a bare-knuckle fight. When Nate was 11 he began training in martial arts along with his brother Nick Diaz who is also a mixed martial artist. He trained with Cesar Gracie and is a 3rd degree black belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Nate is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Before joining them he participated in World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce. Diaz makes his money through fighting and his sponsors. Currently as of 2022 he is worth $8 million. On top of his accomplishments as a fighter he also owns a CBD company with his brother called Game Up Nutrition. They sell organic CBD oil, hemp-flower and pre-rolls for medicinal purposes to help with inflammation.

Nate Diaz Wife

Nate Diaz snaps a photo while at the beach with his girlfriend  Misty Brown. The pair share one child together.
Nate Diaz and his girlfriend Misty Brown. The couple reportedly were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and have been dating for quite awhile.

Nate Diaz wife: Diaz keeps his private life off of social media and rarely is seen or talks about his family. Naturally this makes everyone more curious. Fans wonder who this person is cheering him on in the front row of his fights. Misty Brown is not Nate Diaz’ wife but his girlfriend and the couple are both from Stockton, California. Brown was also born in 1985 like Diaz, and the couple share a daughter together named Nikayla Diaz. Because we don’t know much about their relationship, many fans have speculated that because they are the same age and from the same town, perhaps they were high school sweethearts. Misty does not have any social media accounts, and Nate does not post about her to his Instagram. Their daughter is now four years old as of June 6, 2022.

Nate Diaz Height

Nate Diaz with his brother in the ring during one of Nick Diazs' fights.
Nate Diaz has stated that he never wants to be put on the same card as his brother or anyone he trains with. He claims fighting is a selfish sport, and worrying about how someone who is close to you is doing you need to focus on yourself leading up to the fight.

Diaz stands at 6’0″ and weighs 170 lbs. He began competing in the Lightweight division of the UFC from 2004-2015 and moved to welterweight from 2016 to the present. His older brother Nick Diaz is the same height and weight division. The average height for a heavyweight MMA fighter is around 6’3″ and for welterweight is 5’11.5″. Nate is slightly above that mark. He was born in a Mexican-American family and is very close to his brother, stating that he wouldn’t be the skilled fighter he is today without him, despite his professional training.

Nate Diaz IG

Shaquille O'Neal poses with friend Nate Diaz revealing just how large the former NBA player is.
Image of Shaq and Nate that was posted to Nate Diaz IG on August 20, 2019. Nate is above average height for a male but compared to Shaq who stands at 7’1″ he appears much smaller. Shaq’s over a foot taller than the MMA fighter.

Diaz is on Instagram with the handle @natediaz209. He has almost 6 million followers on the platform and 1,563 posts. Many of his posts are of him training or posing with other fighters. Some are of him advertising his products for Game Up Nutrition which has its own Instagram page. Nate will post on the platform on a regular basis, sometimes even multiple times a day. He also keeps his stories active so you always know what he’s up to. One thing Nate doesn’t hide is that he’s an avid cannabis smoker, and he has many photos throughout his feed of him smoking with other celebrities i.e. Post Malone. He was caught once hitting a vape pen on stage at a press conference two days before a fight.

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