Mr. Beast Height, Squid Game, Logo and Girlfriend

Mr. Beast Height

Mr Beast has a crew of employees that help him put together his lavish videos and two that work closely with him are his good friends Chris and Chandler.
Mr. Beast with his buddies Chris and Chandler who help in the behind the scenes and creative process of his videos. Chris met Jimmy in high school and was his first subscriber, while Chandler met him through one of his coworkers.

Known professionally as Mr. Beast and personally as Jimmy Donaldson, the Youtube mogul created an enormous amount of wealth in a matter of a few years. Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998 in Kansas but grew up in Greeenville, North Carolina. He has a little brother named C.J. Donaldson or ‘Mr. Bro’ who is seen in a few of his videos. Jimmy has a slender build and stands at about 6’2.5″. Today, Donaldson has over 100 million Youtube subscribers and a net worth of $56 million. His most popular video so far has been his recreation of Squid Game which has 282 million views. He is known for his high quality videos, creating expensive and unique challenges and giving away money. Most of his videos he has some sort of cash prize, something extravagant or is raising money for charity.

Mr. Beast Squid Game

Go big or go home, Mr Beast pulled off the most epic recreation of the most popular Netflix show without all the gore.
Mr Beast Squid Game sets were close to identical to the sets on the Netflix show and Brawl Stars helped in funding them. The guards or pink soldiers that Jimmy had also wore the same costumes and many had covered faces.

After Netflix released the popular show Squid Game which has over a billion hours of viewership, Mr. Beast saw an opportunity to get more subscribers and views of his own. It wouldn’t be the first time that Jimmy recreated a lavish set production from an existing story. He built Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and had contestants compete for a chance to own it. For Squid Game, he mimicked the attire the competitors wore and the games they participated in. Though instead of being shot down like in the show, they had a pouch that exploded in their track suits. This was their way of showing they were eliminated. The 25 minute video in total cost him $3.5 million. $2 million went towards the sets and the rest was used for prize money. Mr. Beast Squid Game broke Youtube records for most views in a day.

Mr. Beast Logo

When Mr. Beast first started his channel he named it MrBeast6000 and had a wildcat for his logo. Ten years and 100 million subscribers later he hasn’t changed much about it aside from eliminating the stripes and adding a bolt of lightening.

Jimmy Donaldson started posting on Youtube in 2012 when he was 13 years old. The videos turned from gaming into him making fun of the intros of other Youtubers. From then on he began doing stunts that were so bizarre you had to watch out of curiosity. From there his subscribers grew. Due to the nature of his monikor ‘Mr Beast’, he needed a logo that fit the name. It started out as a blue and white tiger head with black stripes on a black and blue striped background. In 2018 it changed twice. The first time to a similar looking tiger without the background. Then again to a blue panthers head with a purple lightening bolt going from the eye to the back of the head. The background white jagged diagonal stripes over light blue.

Mr. Beast Girlfriend

Thea Booysen, a social media personality, and Mr. Beast have been seen online flirting and also taking trips together to Vegas and South Africa.
There hasn’t been any confirmation whether Thea Booysen and Mr. Beast are a couple but the two have been spotted together recently. Thea is a Twitch streamer under the name TheaBeasty. She has a bachelors degree in law and is an Esports caster for CDPR

Not much is known about Mr. Beast girlfriend or possibly ex-girlfriend Maddy Spidell. We haven’t seen a photo of them together since 2020. Spidell is a social media influencer, primarily on Youtube and Instagram. The two were rumored to be dating in June of 2019. Maddy addressed the accusations that she was only with him for the money in a tweet. She commented she just liked his taste in anime. Jimmy had always tried to keep his personal life as private as possible. After the tweet by Spidell however, he posted a photo of them together on Instagram that confirmed they were together. She appears in a handful of his videos including the one where he gives her 100,000 roses for Valentines Day. Now, fans speculate he’s dating Twitch streamer Thea Booysen after seeing images of them getting close in Las Vegas.

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