Maren Morris Height, Circles Around this Town, Orange Bikini and Baby

Maren Morris Height

Maren Morris stuns in a black studded suit, next to composer and songwriter husband Ryan Hurd, 2019 BMI Awards.
Maren Morris with her husband at the 2019 BMI Country Awards. She won an award for her song ‘Rich’ and has won 30+ awards total in her career.

Maren Morris Height: The country music singer is small in stature at about 5’1″ or about 156 cm. Her husband Ryan Hurd, who is a country music songwriter, stands at a very tall 6’3″. With a difference of 14 inches between the two, even in heels, Morris barely reaches her husbands shoulder. The pair met while he was writing a song for Tim McGraw in 2013 and kept their relationship a secret for a long time. Maren and Hurd married in 2018 in Tennessee.

Maren Morris – Circles Around This Town

Morris in a tassled top looking pensive as she leans against her old car in her music video "Circles Around This Town"
Still from the music video ‘Circles Around This Town’, that has a 1990’s aesthetic to it. Morris wanted the vibe to feel like her idols Alanis and Sheryl Crows’ earlier music videos and she nailed it.

‘Circles Around This Town’ was released on January 7th, 2022, and is the first single from Maren’s third album ‘Humble Quest’. She wrote the song with her husband, Ryan Hurd. ‘Circles Around This Town’ describes Morris’s move from Texas to Nashville in pursuit of her music career. She wrote the song to help her out of a slump and depression that the pandemic had plunged the world into. It peaked at number nine on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs. The music video was shot in a throwback 1990’s style vision.

Maren Morris Orange Bikini

Maren Morris looking classy in an orange bikini with gold body jewelry, tanned skin and a margarita.
Maren Morris on a beach getaway posts a selfie to her Instagram wearing a dark orange bikini with a gold body chain. Morris’s figure bounced right back after giving birth to son Hayes just one year prior.

Maren Morris’s fans went wild when she posted a bikini photo of her leisurely relaxing at what appears to be a tropical haven. Just four days prior, Maren won Female Artist of the Year and performed at the ACM’s with husband Hurd. Her Instagram followers were quick to comment on how great she looked and couldn’t help but notice her abs. Morris has a personal trainer, Erin Oprea, and was featured in Women’s Health magazine in 2019. She said she began working out just two months after her son Hayes was born, and her diligence has really paid off!

Maren Morris Baby

Maren on Instagram holding her baby Hayes with a caption explaining her song 'Hummingbird' and how her sons voice made the track
Maren Morris posts a sweet photo of her with her son Hayes. The Instagram caption reads ‘hummingbird, now your heart beats in me’ with hearts and a bluebird emoji.

Maren Morris gave birth to her baby boy Hayes Andrew on March 23rd, 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. Morris had postpartum depression for some months after his birth. She said the recovery from a traumatic c-section took a huge toll on her and she was unable to do simple tasks on her own. After about four months, Maren began to feel like herself again and got back to normal activities. She has said she is waiting for him to become a terror, because so far he’s been so calm and rarely ever cries. Hurd and Morris just celebrated Hayes’s second birthday and took him to a petting zoo.

Hayes Hurd visits furry friends for his second birthday
Photo from Maren Morris’s Instagram she posted in March of 2020. Baby Hayes got to pet Llamas and goats for his second birthday dressed appropriately for the occasion, wearing a monogrammed button up and cowboy boots.

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