Lil TJay Height, Dead, Net Worth and In My Head

Lil TJay Height

Lil TJay with rapper Polo G. The two have collaborated on a few songs together including hits 'Pop Out', "Headshot' and 'First Place'.
Many argue that Lil TJay falls short of 5’9″, and as he was just starting out he was much younger and still growing. Polo G, who is 5’9″, you can tell he is about the same height as his fellow rapper.

How tall is Lil Tjay? The ‘Calling My Phone’ rapper who was born April 30th, 2001 teeters around 5’9 in height. His birth name is Tione Jayden Merritt and he is from the Bronx borough of New York City. Merritt was raised by a single mother and often got into trouble as a kid. At the age of 15 he went to a detention center for a year for a robbery. While there he began to write lyrics to songs, one being ‘Resume’ which he uploaded to SoundCloud and garnered many shares and hits. Lil Tjay uses auto-tune in his music. Living in the Bronx influenced his music style, along with Meek Mill, Usher and Drake.

Lil TJay Dead

Lil TJay in a bright green sweater with black nylon track pants and Bottega Veneta lace boots attends the 2022 iHeart Radio awards.
Lil Tjay attends the 2022 iHeart Radio awards. He was nominated for Best New Hip-Hop artist. The award went to Yung Bleu. Tione is wearing a Bottega Veneta Green Logo Intarsia Sweater.

On June 22nd Lil Tjay was hanging out with two friends in an upscale shopping center when a gunman attempted robbery. The incident happened in Edgewater, New Jersey and left Lil Tjay with multiple and nearly fatal gunshot wounds. Police were called immediately to the scene and Merritt was taken to the hospital where he needed emergency surgery. Rumors that Lil TJay was dead circulated. It was unclear if he would regain consciousness, however a week after the attack, it was reported Tione was awake and communicating. Tiones friends Jeffery Valdez and Antoine Boyd were arrested for possession of firearms. Mohamed Konate, the suspect in the incident, was arrested for attempted murder amongst other charges.

Lil TJay Net Worth

Lil TJay was met with success from the start with his debut album 'True 2 Myself' receiving positive reviews and going platinum.
Lil TJay with a framed platinum award for his debut studio album. ‘True 2 Myself’ went platinuum on September 28, 2020 by the RIAA. The album reached number five on the BIllboard 200 Chart.

Tione found his calling at a young age when he was held in the detention center when he was 15. He found he was skilled at writing lyrics and at just 17 he signed to Columbia Records with the rise in popularity of his song ‘Resume’. In 2019 Lil TJay toured with Lil Mosey nationwide and has performed at the Rolling Loud festival and at the Los Angeles festival amongst other concerts. He has released two studio albums, the first ‘True 2 Myself’ went platinuum. 6LACK and Lil TJay reached number one on the Official Trending Chart with ‘Calling My Phone‘, and number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Merritt has built his net worth to $3 million at just 21 years old and shows no signs of slowing down.

Lil TJay In My Head

Rubi Rose and Lil TJay remain friends, but had a troubling dispute after they were reportedly together. At one point the cops were called on Merritt.
On July 9, 2019 Lil TJays’ music video for ‘In My Head’ came out featuring Rubi Rose. The two were rumored to be dating in 2020 as they were seen on each others social media accounts. After and incident between them Rose and TJay clarified they never dated and it was a one time thing.

Lil TJay ‘In My Head’ was released on April 1st, 2021. The song has melodious elements and is about a disloyal girlfriend. Rubi Rose, an American actress and model stars in the music video as the love interest of Merritt. ‘In My Head’ has been a success so far, hitting number three on the New Zealand Hot Singles. On the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs ‘In My Head’ made it to number eight. It is a short track running at only two minutes and fifteen seconds. British singer Iyazs’ song ‘Replay’ was sampled when creating this song which was written by Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo and Lil TJay.

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