Lil Durk Net Worth, Height, Concert and Wallpaper

Lil Durk blinged out posted a grouping of photos to Instagram showing his Richards Mille watch and commenting on his net worth.
Durk Banks posted this photo, amongst others, to his Instagram showing off his assets suggesting he’s worth more than $3 million.

Lil Durk Net Worth

Durk Derrick Banks, also known as Lil Durk, has a net worth of approximately $3 million as of February 2022. He gained popularity in 2015 from the release of his first studio album ‘Remember My Name’ which hit number 14 on the Billboard 200. Durk has shut down sites claiming his reported net worth. He took to Instagram to post “They got my net worth 3million who ever did that failed math class because I got that in Richards only. “Richards” is in reference to Richard Milles watches. They are very expensive and many rappers own them. Along with the caption, Banks posted a photo of him wearing his Richard Milles watches.

Lil Baby and Lil Durk during a photo shoot to promote their collaborative album "The Voice of Heroes'
Lil Durk and Lil Baby during a press photo shoot. The two went on tour together in 2021 and collabed on an album titled ‘The Voice of The Heroes’.

Lil Durk Height

Durk has never mentioned to the public how tall he is so we can only speculate. Many websites claim the rapper is 5’7”, while others claim he is as tall as 5’11”. These are pretty significant differences. Others have settled for somewhere in between that, stating he is 5’9”. Until we get some sort of official proof, we only know that he is somewhere between 5’7” and 5’11”. However, if look closely at the photo of him next to Lil Baby (who is 5’8”) Durk appears slightly shorter, leading me to believe he is closer to 5’7”. So there ya have it, Lil Durk is 5’7″!

Lil Durk with his then girlfriend India Royale at the BET awards.
Lil Durk and now fiancee India Royale attend the BET awards in June of 2021. Durk performed with Lil Baby ‘Hats Off’ at the show.

Lil Durk Concert

Durk toured with Lil Baby until October, 2021. Banks is heading back on tour in the spring of 2022 for ‘The 7220 Tour’. While on stage at one of his concerts in Chicago, Durk proposed to his longtime girlfriend India Royale. India and Lil Durk have been together for 4 years and have one child together named Willow. Banks has 6 kids total.

Lil Durk in a plain white tee and jeans casually eating a bag of potato chips for a promo shoot
Photo from a casual shoot with Lil Durk weariing a plain white tee shirt and eating potato chips outside a convenience store.

Lil Durk Wallpaper and Bio

Durk Banks was born on October 19, 1992. He has an older brother, Dontay, who is also referred to as DThang. His father has been incarcerated since Lil Durk was born, serving two life sentences. We do not know any details on his imprisonment. Over the years, he’s had to deal with many deaths of people who were close to him. Two being his cousin and his brother who were both shot and killed. Banks had been in and out of jail a few times due to gun possession and robbery. 

Lil Durk Wallpaper: Despite all the hardships Durk has faced in his life, he has persevered and never gave up his dream to become a famous rapper. He has amassed a cult following, and fans have been seeking out wallpapers to adorn their phones and computers of Lil Durk.

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