Lewis Hamilton Height, Wife, Car and more

Shaq & Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton’s height is on display as former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal presents trophy winners of Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas. Sergio Perez (not seen in photo) also stood shorter than Shaq, giving the crowd a good laugh.

Lewis Hamilton Height

Lewis Carl Hamilton is a British Race Car Driver for F1 (Formula 1) and has won 7 World Drivers’ Championship titles. He is arguably the greatest Formula 1 racer of all time. He was born on January 7th, 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England to Carmen and Anthony. Hamilton is 5’7″, which is below the height of the average man. A photo of him standing on a podium next to Shaquille O’Neal circulated the internet in October 2021. You can clearly see the former NBA stars’ head is still taller than Hamiltons. In Lewis’ defense, Shaq is over 7 feet, and towers over most people.

Lewis Hamilton Wife

Many are wondering about Lewis Hamiltons’ wife. Hamilton is currently single and has no desire or interest to marry. There are rumors of relationships with other celebs, but there has been no confirmation. The only girlfriend we know of is Nicole Scherzinger, former singer of the Pussycat Dolls. However, we have seen him flirting and getting close to stars such as Rihanna and Rita Ora in the past. Lewis has always denied anything beyond friendship, and says the only girls he needs are his cars.

Lewis and Nicole embrace at the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton and his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger in Budapest after the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix win in 2009.

Lewis Hamilton Cars

Not to anyone’s surprise, Hamilton has a very impressive car collection. The first car he ever owned was a mini-cooper which he still has amongst a slew of others, including Ferrari’s, Mercedes and even a McLaren from his racing days with them. Because Lewis has become environmentally conscious he chooses to only drive his electric Mercedes. The new EQS can go from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and even has holographic headlights! I don’t think he’s missing out on much by picking an earth friendly car.

Lewis Hamilton with his electric Mercedes EQS.
Lewis Hamilton Cars: Lewis Hamilton with his new Mercedes EQS, an electric car that he drives outside of racing to reduce his impact on the environment.

Professional Bio

Hamilton began driving Formula1 professionally in 2007 for McLaren. He was the first, and still remains the only African-American F1 racer. While he wasn’t at his best at the beginning of his career, he still finished on the podium and had victories. It wasn’t until he signed with Mercedes in 2013 that his career really took off. After the regulation change in 2014 to the mandated use of turbo-hybrid engines is when he went on to win the majority of his races. Shortly after he won 4 consecutive titles between 2016 and 2020.

Lewis Hamiltons’ Parents

Anthony Hamilton, Lewis’s Dad, was his manager from the beginning of his career until 2010. He credits his father for getting him into racing when he bought him his first go kart at the age of 7. From there the world of racing took off for him. He competed in many go kart races and joined the McLaren young driver programme in 1998. In 2010, Lewis and his father had a falling out and he dismissed him as his manager, saying his dad had other things to focus on.

Anthony Hamilton and Lewis Hamilton holding a trophy in Malaysia
Lewis posing with his father Anthony after a Grand Prix victory in Malaysia in 2007. This was during happier times between him and his dad.

His mother, Carmen Larbalestier, raised him until the age of 12. She’s a bit more reserved and private but is always cheering her son on and has been present when it counts. They have a very close relationship. Carmen is white and is of British and Birmingham decent.

Lewis and his mother Carmen standing proudly at the castle for his knighthood
A more recent photo of Lewis and his mother during his knighthood. He became Sir Lewis Hamilton in December, 2021 by the Prince of Wales and the 4th F1 racer to receive knighthood.

Another passion of Lewis, outside of racing and collecting luxury cars, is being an advocate for saving the planet and protecting the environment. He has been open about being vegan on social media, and urging his friends and fans to do their research. Lewis believes the impact of eating meat and dairy is causing deforestation and destroying our seas, and said his only regret is that he didn’t switch to plant-based sooner.

Lewis also believes in helping people think positively and achieve their dreams by overcoming fear and fueling your passion. Being mentally healthy and prepared was key to his success, and he has created a Masterclass to help others. The class is for those who may need to change their way of thinking to further their careers and live their dream.

Lewis and his dog Roscoe at the beach playing
The F1 Driver enjoys a day at the beach with his dog Roscoe. Another reason Lewis chooses to be vegan is because of his love for animals.

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