KSI Height, Girlfriend, Twitter, and Forehead

KSI Height

KSI along with Lil Baby and Rick Ross created the hip-hop track 'Down Like That'. S-X wrote the song.
Lil Baby was featured on KSIs song ‘Down Like That’ released on November 8, 2019. JJ said he was taken aback when he agreed to join the track which also features Rick Ross. KSI height is three inches taller than the 5’8″ Lil Baby.

For those who haven’t heard of KSI, he is a British YouTuber turned rapper and business owner born on June 19, 1993. His first videos in 2009 were FIFA gaming commentary, that he shot in his bedroom at his parents house. They eventually turned into vlogs and comedy. He also co-founded the Sidemen, a YouTube group of internet personalities. Now KSI is popular for his music and boxing. Born with the name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, he is referred to as ‘JJ’ for short and known professionally as KSI. How tall is KSI? Some people have him listed as 6’0″ even, but the entrepreneur is actually 5’11”, which is three inches shorter than his business partner Logan Paul.

KSI Girlfriend

KSI dropped out of sixth form college to nurture his YouTube career. He discovered at the time he was making more money than his teacher.
Seana Cuthbert was a longtime girlfriend of KSIs and was included in many of his videos. It is believed the two were high school sweethearts though we are not sure they attended the same school as they lived in different cities.

Since the days of filming videos with his ex Seana Cuthbert, KSI learned to keep his relationships out of the public eye to the best of his ability. Him and Seana dated back in 2014 and met when they were teenagers. She lived in Newcastle and he lived in London and the distance was just too hard for them to manage. KSIs’ YouTube channel began growing as well and he was too busy for a relationship. After the break up with Seana, he dated Lois Sharpe for a little while and allegedly Instagram model Nia Pickering. Since then fans have speculated he was dating someone else, who he confirmed was ‘the one’ during a podcast. However in late 2019 he posted a now deleted Instagram post that was a black picture with the words ‘single and alone’.

KSI Twitter

PRIME Hydration photo ad with KSI and Logan Paul who created a drink that refuels and replenishes you after a workout.
PRIME Hydration was created by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI who were once at odds with each other facing off in the ring. Their new drink looks to replace Gatorade with a much healthier ingredient profile including zero added sugar and coconut water.

JJ keeps his fans happy on his social media platforms by being constantly present. On Instagram he will give them something every couple days while on Twitter he’s posting multiple times a day making it easy to engage with him. He currently as 7.9 million Twitter followers and 11.5 million Instagram followers. Seeing as how social media is how he found fame he still maintains his presence on it. He continues to promote his recovery drink with Logan Paul called Prime Hydration along with XIX Vodka the Sidemen created. KSI continues to tour and make music. He has plans to hit the boxing ring in August after a three year hiatus.

KSI Forehead

KSI attends the 2022 BRIT Awards and was invited to attend Adele's after party. KSI was nominated for song of the year.
KSI Posted to his Instagram a series of photos from the 2022 BRIT Awards where he performed. JJ is wearing a Heliot Emil Harness Blazer. JJ was nominated for different songs in the ‘Song of the Year’ category.

Viewers went crazy during a video where KSI takes his bandanna off and reveals his massive forehead. He makes fun of himself of course, he knows how large his head is. JJ is often seen wearing beanie’s or bandannas and with his dread locks getting longer and always pulled back, fans speculate that is what is creating the large forehead, a receding hairline. He has been called black Megamind, or Megamind 2. With partially shaved sides and back, the rest thrown up in a knot, the size of his head couldn’t appear larger. Meme’s surfaced of KSIs forehead at an exaggerated height, and another of his face on Megaminds head.

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