Justin Timberlake Height, In the 90s and Say Something

Justin Timberlake Height

Timberlake and Fallon are best friends who met at an award show where Jimmy was hosting for the first time and Timberlake was performing solo for the first time.
There is no bromance quite like the one between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. The two go to sporting events together, golf together and perform skits together, and their fans completely eat it up! Jimmy Fallon is listed as 6’0″. You can tell that Justin Timberlake height is the same when photographed together.

Justin Timberlake is a ten time Grammy Award winner from Memphis, Tennessee. He has sold over 88 million records to date and is referred to as the ‘Prince of Pop’. There is much debate on the height of Timberlake, as he has a slender lean build that can make him appear taller than he is. Justin has also claimed before to be 6’1″, and even went as far to say he was almost 6’2″. When comparing Justin Timberlake height in photos to other celebs, it’s hard to believe he is as tall as he says. His wife Jessica Biel stands at 5’7″ and he doesn’t seem to be much taller than her, even considering she may be in heels. Justins estimated to be just above average teetering at 6’0″.

Justin Timberlake In The 90s

Many stars were born from The Mickey Mouse Club which was a popular show for kids in the 1990's.
Mickey Mouse Club was the show that helped singers like Christina Aguilera and actors like Ryan Gosling get there start. Britney Spears was also on the show with them and it’s how Justin and her originally met. Justin Timberlake in the 90s had almost shaggy-like curly light brown hair. Throughout the decade he changed the cut and color.

Timberlake was born on January 31st, 1981 and grew up around music as a child. He sang country and gospel music while performing at a young age and his dad was a Baptist church choir director. Justin started out on the television show Star Search. Not long after, he became a Mouseketeer in 1993 on ‘The All-New Mickey Mouse Club’. This would be where he found the idea to start a boy band with his cast-mate JC Chasez that would form the group NSYNC. In 1997 the band released their debut album and Justin and JC at this time were the main singers. In 1999 Timberlake began dating Britney Spears, who was making waves in music herself. Spears was also a cast member of ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ alongside Justin.

Justin Timberlake Say Something

After their performance at the CMA's Timberlake had Stapleton collab with him for his album 'Man in the Woods'.
Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performing ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ and ‘Drink You Away’ in Nashville, Tennessee. Justin and Chris play the guitar onstage together for the 49th Annual CMA Awards in November, 2015, and blew the crowd away, prompting them to connect again for the song ‘Say Something’.

Written by Justin Timberlake, Larrance Dopson, Floyd Nathaniel Hills and Timbaland, ‘Say Something’ is the third single from the album ‘Man of the Woods’. It was released in January of 2018 and hit number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Justin Timberlake Say Something’ also featured Chris Stapleton, who took part in some of the writing. The song is a country rock ballad with some gospel and some pop touches added, creating many different sounds. Nominated seven times in different categories, ‘Say Something’ took home the award for ‘Best Live Video‘ during the UK Music Video Awards. The lyrics can be interpreted as the feeling of being pressured to say something on an issue. When instead it’s best to serve the cause instead of using it to draw attention to oneself.

Justin Timberlake SexyBack

'SexyBack' almost didnt get released as Justin Timberlake's recording studio thought the song was a joke.
Justin Timberlake performs SexyBack with Timbaland. Timberlakes’ video for the single was shot in Barcelona, Spain and worked with director Michael Haussman who also directed Madonnas video ‘Take a Bow’.

For Timberlakes second studio album he made some large differences in the delivery of the sounds in his tracks. The title ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ sums up the majority of what the album contains, with SexyBack as the intro. Originally the song was going to be called Sexion. Never did Timberlake imagine that SexyBack would become such a worn out term after its release. The idea for the song was influenced by David Bowie’s cover of James Browns’ ‘Sex Machine’. Justin said he wanted to sing the song more in the way of ‘rock’ rather than ‘R&B’. This was a change from the vocals on his previous album ‘Justified’. Synthesizers were used to distort his voice and it gave it more of a ‘club funk’ sound. The single was at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven straight weeks.

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