Julian Newman Height, Age, NBL and Bio

Julian Newman Height

The Newman siblings modeling for their family line Prodigy. Sports apparel line created by his father and was also the name of the school his father founded.
Jaden and Julian Newman pose sporting their familys’ line Prodigy sports apparel. Julian Newmans’ height is not much taller than his sister and some have thought because of his shorter stature he would find it difficult being recruited.

Julian Newman Height: Newman is a basketball player who played in high school for Downey Christian School and Prodigy Prep, a school his dad created. Newman graduated from Prodigy in 2020 and has since starred in his reality TV series on Youtube titled ‘Hello Newmans’ and is associated with their sports clothing line called ‘Prodigy’. He is below average height for an American male, standing at a mere 5’7″ or 1.7 meters. Julian defied the odds when playing for the Varsity Basketball team as a fifth grader, and a short one at that. At eleven years old, video’s of him playing amongst much older students were posted to Youtube in 2012 and went viral. Receiving national attention, Julian was asked to be on the Steve Harvey and Ellen Degeneres show, while appearing on multiple headlines.

Julian Newman Age

Julian had to roll the shorts of his jersey when playing for the varsity team at the age of 11 so his shorts wouldn't fall off.
Julian dribbles three balls showing off his skills when he played for the Patriots at Downey Christian High School. Julian wore the smallest jersey they had, but because he was still so young he had to tie the sleeves up with hair ties.

Newman was born on September 6, 2001 making him 20 years old. Julian has a sister named Jaden who also plays basketball and played Varsity in fifth grade like her brother. Growing up, the Newman siblings were coached by their father, who played basketball at Colonial High School. He also teaches history. At the young age of three Julian showed an interest in the sport, and began playing with regulation size balls. Each day for practice, his father had him completing 100 free throws, 200 floaters and 200 jump shots. Julians’ mother is Puerto Rican and played as a point guard, like their father, in high school.

Julian Newman NBL

Julians status as a basketball prodigy dwindles as his future in the sport seems uncertain.
Julian Newman has been playing basketball his whole life and has been wildly successful doing so but fans believe that he doesn’t have the athletic ability nor height to make it in the pros. More so considering he had decided not to attend college.

Many people are wondering what Julians next steps will be since he has graduated from college. His father Jamie has claimed that he plans on playing overseas for the NBL, either in the G-League or Australia. Julian had backed those claims and even went on Instagram Live in 2020 stating he planned on playing in Spain, Australia or Japan. There has been speculation that the announcement his father made on Youtube’s ‘Hello Newmans’ about Julian ‘going to Australia’ was false. Jamie made it seem like he was accepted, however nothing had manifested from it. It was assumed that he would receive many college offers. While his dad claimed there were 15 that he turned down, people are beginning to believe that he just didn’t get any at all. To this day, there is no news if he will pursue a professional basketball career.

Julian Newman Bio

The Newman family are all ambitious individuals who also all played basketball in high school.
Left to Right, Julians Mom Vivian, Julian, Jaden and Jamie, pose for a photo. The family all come from a basketball background and run their sports apparel business called Prodigy.

Julian Newman transferred from a public school to the private school Downey Christian located in Orlando, Florida. He started out playing for their middle school team and was scoring an average of 91 points per game. Soon after they placed him on the varsity team where he played with athletes twice his size. At this point he was averaging 17 points per game, and Youtube videos of him escalated to 3.5 million views. Shows he has appeared on are Steve Harvey, Ellen Degeneres and Good Morning America. In 2015 he was the youngest player to reach 1,000 points as a varsity player, due to several years of being on the team. Julian faced off with Kyree Walker, another child basketball prodigy, at MiddleSchoolHoops TV Camp in 2016 scoring 52 points. The recording of the game reached 13 million Youtube views.

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