Jermaine Dupri Net Worth, Height and Produced Songs

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

At the Grammy Museum in 2018, Mariah and Usher pose with Jermaine while he accepts his award for joining the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Accompanied by two very successful artists that he has produced in their earlier years, Mariah and Usher stand by Jermaine, while he was inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2005 Jermaine Dupri co-wrote Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’ and won a Grammy for the song.

Jermaine Dupri was a well known record producer in the 90’s. He was also a rapper and songwriter, worth $60 million at his peak in 2006. After encountering some financial trouble due to unpaid taxes and not filing his tax return, he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS in 2008. Just five years later, Dupri was then sued for defaulting on a loan by SunTrust Bank. To settle the lawsuit, Jermaine had to sell the catalog of his label ‘So So Def’ and his recording studio. In 2018 the rapper was hit with a lien after refusing to pay taxes once again for three years. Two of Dupris homes in Atlanta, one a mansion, were sold at auctions after being foreclosed. Now, Jermaine Dupri net worth is around $2.5 million.

Jermaine Dupri Height

Long time friends and artists who have worked together JD and Ludacris pose together for a picture showing the large difference in height between the two.
Jermaine Dupri poses with Ludacris who he has produced many songs for. The song ‘Welcome to Atlanta‘ was a popular hit by Jermaine that features Ludacris. While Ludacris is of average height, he looks much taller standing next to a 5’4″ JD.

On September 23rd, 1972 Jermaine was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Tina and Michael. Michael, his father, was an executive for Columbia Records. At a young age Dupri was introduced into the music industry and at one point was able to dance on stage with Diana Ross. His dancing landed him a spot with the hip-hop group Whodini, when he was twelve. At eighteen Dupri produced the group Silk Tymes and not long after the well known Kris Kross duo who would go platinum. For awhile Jermaine dated Janet Jackson. He also has a daughter Shaniah, born in 1998, with another women. Many are curious about Jermaine Dupri height as he appears to be very short in person. The rapper stands at around 5’4″, five inches below the average height of an American male.

Jermaine Dupri Produced Songs

JD teamed up with PETA for the campaign 'Feel the Beets. Lose the Meats.'
Jermaine Dupri is a longtime vegan and advocate for PETA. In July of 2022 he joined the organization to serve vegan hot dogs to Congress for the 26th annual veggie dog lunch. JD started his own line of vegan ice cream called ‘JD Vegan’ and is available at Walmart.

The discography of Jermaine Dupris’ is impressive. He has written and produced songs for popular artists like Usher and Mariah Carey. In 1997 Jermaine produced the album ‘My Way’ by Usher, ‘Lervert.Sweat.Gill.’ by LSG, ‘A Jagged Era’ by Jagged Edge, ‘Harlem World’ by Mase and Mariah Carey’s ‘Honey’. In 1998 the list grew adding artists like Monica and Jay-Z, Xscape and Destiny’s Child. Jermaine Dupri produced songs for Ludacris, Warren G and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Also going by the name JD, Dupri released his first album titled ‘Life in 1472’ in 1998 and has appeared in many songs including ‘Money Ain’t a Thang’ and ‘Sweetheart’ with Mariah Carey.

Jermaine Dupri Wife

JD produced Janet Jacksons studio album titled '20 Y.O.' in 2006 which received mixed reviews from critics.
At the time they began dating JD and Janet were big names in the music business and a very well known couple. Dupri proposed to Janet two years after dating and they remained engaged for five years before inevitably calling it quits.

As of 2022 Dupri remains single and has never been married. There are only three women we know he has dated and they include Janet Jackson, Pam Sweat and Xscape singer Kandi Burruss. Jermaine has two daughters, Shaniah and Jalynn Mauldin. Shaniah was born in 1998 and is the daughter of Pam Sweat, while Jalynn was born in 2010. The relationship between Janet Jackson and Jermaine lasted between 2002 and 2009. Though they were engaged, Janet broke off the engagement due to distance and infidelity rumors. Before Jackson, Dupri briefly dated Kandi in 1998. It is unsure if Jermaine had a relationship with Sarai Jones who is his daughter Jalynns’ mother.

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