Jason Sudeikis Height, Age, Olivia Wilde and Net Worth

Jason Sudeikis Height

Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston have only a half inch difference between the two in height. Day being well below average height for a male.
Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman during a photo call in London for their movie ‘Horrible Bosses 2’. Aniston and Sudeikis were rumored to of dated because of their close bond. Jennifer stands eight inches below Jason.

A man of many talents Jason Sudeikis is an actor, comedian, producer and writer. He has starred in popular movies like ‘Hall Pass’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’. During an interview with Playboy, he once stated that “it helps I tell people I’m five foot thirteen”, in which case Jason Sudeikis height is in fact 6’1″. Sudeikis got his start doing improv at a place called ComedySportz in Kansas City, Missouri. Eventually he found his way to Chicago and studied at the Annoyance Theater where he founded Improv team J.T.S. Brown. Later Jason went on to become a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live where he stayed for ten years.

Jason Sudeikis Age

Sudeikis has dated a list of beautiful women including January Jones, Keeley Hazell and Olivia Wilde.
Sudeikis with Olivia and son Otis. Jason split with his fiance seven years and two kids later, never saying ‘I Do’. Upon their break-up Jason began dating English model Keeley Hazell.

Many wonder what is Jason Sudeikis Age? The comedian was born September 18, 1975 making him forty-seven as of 2022. Jason grew up with actors. His uncle is George Wendt who played Norm Peterson on Cheers. Kristin, his younger sister who is a dancer, is also an actress in New York City, while his other sister Lindsay teaches at a high school. Jason Sudeikis was born with anosmia, a rare condition in which he is unable to smell or taste anything. Interestingly, Jason also loves basketball, and has played among other celebrities on the All-Star Celebrity Basketball Team.

Jason Sudeikis Olivia Wilde

Jason was told by a friend that Olivia had been dating someone at the time of their first meeting and so Jason didn't pursue her and he made a statement that he thought that benefited him in the end.
Jason met Olivia at an SNL party and was turned on by his charm but the two actually didn’t begin dating till six months after. Both partners had just come off long relationships at the time.

Sudeikis is known to be charming and has dated women like January Jones and was married to Pitch Perfect producer Kay Cannon for awhile. After their divorce, Jason met Olivia Wilde at the season thirty-sixth finale party, where she stated he was ‘charming’ and his dance moves won her over. Olivia and Jason were engaged for seven years and had two children Otis and Daisy. When the couple split in 2020, a source close to them says there was not any drama or scandal. They stated the two just simply didn’t work out anymore. Though Jason and Olivia no longer speak to each other they both have iterated that the kids are their first priority and creating a safe and happy environment for them.

Jason Sudeikis Net Worth

Jason is a jack of all trades proving himself with his long list of nominations and awards at the young age of 47.
With the ability to take on different, challenging and complex roles, Jason has proven his talent in the entertainment business ten fold. Along with the multiple categories he’s been nominated for he also won the Best Actor award for his character in ‘South of Haven’.

Jason Sudeikis is multi-talented and has an impressive resume with the nominations and awards to prove it. Starting out in improv and moving up to acting, producing and writing, Jason has been in dozens of films and television shows. He received four Emmy nominations for his character Ted Lasso in the Apple TV comedy series. The show was nominated for 20 awards. Sudeikis took home two consecutive awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. He’s known for his SNL political characters Joe Biden, George Bush and Mitt Romney. Voicing many characters on ‘The Cleveland Show’, Sudeikis is a beloved comedian by many. As of 2022 Jason Sudeikis net worth is $25 million.

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