Hailey Bieber Net Worth, Pregnant and Smoothie

Hailey Bieber Net Worth

Determined to create an affordable and accessible skincare line, Hailey launched Rhode. The brand's success has significantly boosted Hailey Bieber's net worth.
Determined to create a skincare line that was affordable and accessible, Hailey launched Rhode. The success of the brand has contributed immensely to Hailey Bieber net worth.

Hailey Bieber, born November 22, 1996 in Arizona, is a model and television personality. She is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. Hailey began her modeling career with Ford Models. She has appeared in major fashion campaigns and magazines. After briefly dating in 2015, singer Justin Bieber and Hailey broke up but reunited in 2018. The couple quickly married shortly after their reunion. Hailey also launched her skincare line, Rhode, in 2022. As of 2024 Hailey Bieber net worth amounts to $20 million.

Hailey Bieber Pregnant

Having faced health issues, Hailey wanted to wait before announcing her pregnancy. She previously dealt with ovarian cysts and was hospitalized for a mini-stroke.
Having her fair share of health issues, Hailey wanted to wait awhile before announcing her pregnancy. In the past she’s had issues with ovarian cysts and was hospitalized for a mini-stroke.

After renewing their vows in May 2024, the couple announced Hailey’s pregnancy with a vintage-inspired photoshoot in Hawaii. Since then, Hailey has posted photos of her pregnant belly to social media. Wanting to keep their pregnancy private for as long as possible, the couple didn’t announce until she was 6 months pregnant. Hailey covered her belly before the announcement with oversized clothing when attending concerts and other events.

Hailey Bieber Smoothie

In line with the 'Strawberry Glaze' theme, Bieber also released a peptide treatment featuring the signature flavor. On launch day, Hailey was spotted in New York wearing outfits inspired by the new product.
Keeping with the ‘Strawberry Glaze’ theme, Bieber additionally released a peptide treatment with the signature strawberry glaze flavor. On the day of the launch, Hailey was seen in New York wearing outfits inspired by the new flavor.

Hailey Bieber partnered with Erewhon Market to create her own smoothie called the “Strawberry Skin Glaze” smoothie. Inspired by her skincare brand, Rhode, the smoothie aims to promote healthy, glowing skin. It features ingredients like strawberries, avocado, sea moss gel and collagen peptides. The drink quickly became a hit, with Erewhon claiming it to be their most successful collaboration yet.

Hailey Bieber Ring

While the couple appeared to get engaged quickly after reconciling, Bieber assured fans that Hailey was the one. They began dating again in 2018 and got married later that year.
While the couple seemed to get engaged pretty shortly after reconciling, Bieber assured his fans that she was the one. Bieber and Baldwin began dating again in 2018 and got married that same year.

Justin Bieber designed Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring with jeweler Jack Solow from Solow & Co., choosing a large oval-cut diamond set on a simple gold band. He proposed in July 2018 at a restaurant in The Bahamas, shortly after they rekindled their relationship. They married in a courthouse in September 2018 and later had a larger ceremony in South Carolina. The custom ring, featuring a diamond between 6 to 10 carats, reflects Hailey’s minimalist style, and Justin was deeply involved in its creation, ensuring it perfectly suited her.

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