Gerard Butler Height, Net Worth and Wedding

Gerard Butler Height

In the 2018 film 'Den of Thieves,' Gerard Butler takes on the role of Nick "Big Nick" O'Brien, a tenacious detective leading an investigation into a gang of bank robbers. Notably taller than average, Gerard Butler's height is accentuated in scenes alongside extras, emphasizing his commanding presence in the movie.
In ‘Den of Thieves’ released in 2018, Gerard Butler plays the character Nick “Big Nick” O’Brien. O’Brien is a gritty and determined detective investigating a group of bank robbers. Gerard Butler height is taller than average and it shows next to the two extras in the film.

Gerard Butler, born in Paisley, Scotland in 1969, attended St Mirin’s & St Margaret’s High School and later earned a place at the University of Glasgow School of Law. Despite achieving academic success, he took a year off to live in California before completing his law degree in Scotland. Following personal challenges, including the death of his father and struggles with alcohol, Butler experienced a shift in career aspirations. Opting for fame, he moved to London at 25, facing initial challenges in acting before finding success at 27 in Steven Berkoff’s play, Coriolanus. Subsequently, at 30, he relocated to Los Angeles, securing prominent roles in productions such as Dracula 2000, Tomb Raider 2, Dear Frankie, and Phantom of the Opera. Gerard Butler height is 6’1.25″. When asked however, he says he is 6’2″ but not to quote him on it.

Gerard Butler Net Worth

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Gerard shared several pictures on his Facebook page, recalling his volunteering experience with Mary's Meals. Founded by a Scotsman, Mary's Meals aims to offer meals to children during their time at school.
During the covid outbreak, Gerard posts a few photos to his Facebook page from a time he volunteered for Mary’s Meals. Mary’s Meals is founded by a Scotsman, and they provide meals to children while in school.

Gerard Butler’s odd jobs led to his breakthrough in Steven Berkoff’s play, “Coriolanus,” marking his professional acting debut at 27. In 2000, Butler gained prominence as Attila the Hun in the TV miniseries “Attila” and as Dracula in “Dracula 2000.” In 2004, he took on the iconic role of the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”. This earned him a Satellite Award nomination. His breakthrough came in 2006 with the lead role in “300,” solidifying his status as a Hollywood star. He continued with successful films like “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013), and it’s three sequels. In 2024, it was announced that he would play Stoick in the live-action remake of “How to Train Your Dragon.” Butler has been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2011. Gerard Butler net worth as of 2024 is debatable. Though it seems to be roughly $40 million.

Gerard Butler Wedding

Recognized for his contributions to 'Mary's Meals,' Gerard Butler received the Cinema for Peace award. Alongside Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the fellow Scotsman and founder of Mary's Meals, they proudly wore kilts for the event.
For his work with ‘Mary’s Meals’, Gerard Butler earned the Cinema for Peace award. Standing next to fellow Scotsman and founder of Mary’s Meals Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the two don their kilts for the event.

Butler himself has never been married but has attended plenty of weddings. Even those of his sister and brother who he has recently shared a comical story about. While attending his sisters wedding he was required to do the first reading on the altar. Standing above the congregation, he noticed his mother making a prayer gesture. Initially he misunderstood this as a suggestion to pray. However, he soon realized that his kilt had inadvertently spread wide, exposing his bare leg to the entire congregation. Butler laughed off the situation, clarifying that, on that day, he was adhering to the traditional practice of not wearing underwear under a kilt.

Gerard Butler’s Wife

Engaged in a romantic relationship since 2014, Gerard Butler and real estate developer/designer Morgan Brown briefly parted ways in 2015 but have since continued attending public events as a couple.
Gerard Butler, has been romantically involved with real estate developer and designer Morgan Brown since 2014. Despite a brief split in 2015, the couple attends public events together.

Renowned for his Hollywood charisma, Gerard Butler has been romantically associated with notable figures like Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Biel. Following a one-year relationship with Russian model Madalina Ghenea, he subsequently entered into a romantic involvement with real estate developer and designer Morgan Brown, their relationship becoming publicly known in 2014. Despite being on again off again, by October 2017 Gerard emphasized his enjoyment of the single life. In 2019, Butler and Brown attended the “Angel Has Fallen” premiere together, displaying affection on the red carpet, and their relationship appears to have remained stable since then.

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