Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth, Wife and Son

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

In the latest season of 'The Santa Clauses,' Iglesias takes on the role of Kris Kringle, portraying a Christmas-themed amusement park owner. Expressing his gratitude, he thanked Tim, Kevin, and others in a heartfelt Instagram post for the honor of joining the cast.
In the newest season of ‘The Santa Clauses’, Iglesias plays Kris Kringle, a Christmas themed amusement park owner. He was honored to join the cast and thanked Tim and Kevin amongst others in an Instagram post.

Gabriel Iglesias, widely known as “Fluffy,” has garnered numerous accolades throughout his career. With a unique comedic style that combines storytelling, observational humor, and impeccable timing, Iglesias has become one of the most successful stand-up comedians. His specials, including “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” and “Hot & Fluffy,” have received critical acclaim and earned him a massive fan following. Iglesias’s achievements also extend to acting. His impressive voice work includes roles in animated films such as “Coco” and “The Book of Life”. While his acting career has seen him in both comedic and dramatic roles, this demonstrates his ability to captivate audiences across various genres. As of 2023, Gabriel Iglesias net worth is an estimated $40 million.

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Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Claudia Valdez made her film debut in "Monsters," playing a nurse in a maternity ward. Although it is reported that she met Fluffy on a movie set, details about the specific film and her role remain unknown.
Claudia Valdez played a nurse in a maternity ward on her first and only movie recorded, “Monsters”. While it is said she met Fluffy on a movie set, it us unknown what that movie was, and her part in it.

Iglesias had a long-term relationship with Claudia Valdez, sharing parenthood with her over their stepson, Frankie. Although they met in 2008 and were never officially married, rumors persisted that they might have eloped. In June 2020, a People article reported their separation in 2017, prompting Iglesias to cancel some performances and commit to a two-year period of sobriety. Despite the breakup, he maintains a strong bond with Frankie, whom he actively helped raise. Gabriel Iglesias wife-to-be or former wife-to-be, whom he met on a movie set, kept their relationship under wraps for some time.

Gabriel Iglesias Son

Born on December 8, 1997, Frankie's biological father remains unknown. Despite this, Iglesias and Frankie share a strong bond, with Frankie being the comedian's only child.
Frankie was born December 8, 1997 and it is unknown who his biological father is. Iglesias and Frankie maintain a close bond and he remains to be the only child of the comedian.

Frankie, Iglesias’s ‘stepson,’ came into the world in 1999. As Gabriel and Claudia started sharing their relationship publicly, Iglesias humorously mentioned taking on financial responsibilities for his stepson, expressing gratitude for having a stepson who bears a striking resemblance to him. In one of his stand-up routines, the comedian affectionately labeled Frankie as his “mini me” and playfully described him as “fluffy.” Iglesias lovingly refers to him as his son, highlighting Frankie’s adorable interests in “microwaves, burritos, and PlayStation.”

Gabriel Iglesias All That

In the heart of his crew during a stop on his world tour in Dublin, Ireland, Gabriel Iglesias, affectionately known as Fluffy, relishes in the moment. At Grogans Castle Lounge, he delights in a pint, or maybe five, truly savoring the time of his life.
Gabriel Iglesias at the center of his crew during his world tour stop in Dublin, Ireland. Fluffy enjoys a pint….or five, at Grogans Castle Lounge having the time of his life.

For Millennials, Gabriel Iglesias’s presence on Nickelodeon’s beloved sketch comedy series ‘All That’ is a nostalgic memory. Starting in the show’s sixth season, he worked alongside Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon, host of MTV’s ‘Wild N’ Out’. Born in July 1976 in San Diego, Gabriel was 24 years old when he joined the cast. ‘All That’ marked the beginning of his television career. Before venturing into stand-up comedy, he had worked for a cell phone company. Iglesias stayed on for just one season of ‘All That’ before transitioning to Comedy Central stand-up specials. Eventually this lead to his participation in ‘Last Comic Standing.’

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