Eminem Height, Daughter Hailie, Girlfriend and Gay

Eminem Height

Eminem with fellow rapper and friend 50 Cent. The two have been friends since Eminem heard the song ‘Guess Who’s Back’ and signed him to his label. Eminem height is displayed in the image next to a 6’1″ Curtis, showing just how short he is.

He goes by many names but we know him professionally as Eminem. Eminem was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. After his parents divorced Eminem and his mother moved from place to place staying with friends and family before settling in Detroit. Marshall was bullied often for being one of the few white kids in his area. Eminem height is a small 5’8″ and his smaller physique often made him an easy target. It wasn’t until he heard the Ice-T album ‘Breakin’ that he became truly interested in rap. With English being the only subject he liked as a kid and struggling to keep his grades up in other areas, he dropped out of high school at the age of seventeen. He would compete in open mic contests at the Hip Hop Shop with his friend Proof where he excelled at creating rhymes and honing in his rap style.

Eminem Daughter Hailie

Hailie Jade was raised by both her father and mother who shared equal custody despite the divorce. Hailie lived her life like anyone else, even attending high school and being crowned Homecoming Queen.
Eminem raised three daughters only one of which was biologically his. Hailie Jade is Marshalls true father while Alaina and Stevie were adopted by Eminem. He has stated raising his daughters was his greatest accomplishment.

Eminem Daughter Hailie: Hailie Jade was born on December 25, 1995. She is often the subject matter for Eminems lyrics and that’s primarily how his fans have learned about her. But Hailie was a child during those years and now she’s all grown up and makes a living being a social media influencer. On Instagram Eminem daughter Hailie has close to three million followers and works with brands like Garnier. She’s an entreprenuer too, and has started a podcast called ‘Just a Little Shady’ where she discusses her younger years with her co-host and best friend Brittany Ednie. In one episode they recall traveling on her dads tour bus and how normal the experience felt at the time, but how surreal it is looking back.

Eminem Girlfriend

Kim Scott, who has had an on again off again relationship with Eminem, attempted suicide in 2021. She was found in a bathroom surrounded by blood with lacerations on her legs and suicide notes in a box.
Marshall married Kim in 1999, four years after their daughter Hailie was born. Kim was the subject of a few of Eminems songs, including one where he raps about how she’s in the trunk of his car while his daughter is with him.

As of 2022 Eminem does not have a girlfriend. He has expressed how difficult it is to meet someone in the position he’s in, and that he finds it hard to trust anyone outside of his circle of friends. Though he hasn’t met anyone worth having a relationship with, it’s not to say he wouldn’t like to someday. Fans all know about his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Kim and her sister were runaways at the age of fifteen. They lived with Eminem and his mother for a few years. The two married after having their daughter Hailie, but their marriage only lasted a couple years before divorcing in 2001. Though they gave their relationship a second try in 2006, remarrying, they inevitably split again a few months after. Eminem is rumored to of dated others in the past including singers Mariah Carey and Kaya Jones. He also confirmed he’s dated American Pie actress Tara Reid.

Eminem Gay

James Franco's character appeared stunned during an interview with Eminem where he comes out of the closet.
‘The Interview’ interview with Eminem threw fans for a loop when he casually revealed mid sentence that he was gay. While Eminem himself is not gay, he does father someone who is non-binary, and uses they and them pronouns.

In the film ‘The Interview’ Eminem gets a cameo as himself. In the movie he’s interviewed by James Franco’s character Dave Skylark and admits he’s gay. While the movie is scripted, and sources close to Eminem have said the rapper isn’t gay, news outlets took the confession and ran with it. Eminem gets credit however for being very convincing, as each line delivered is said with a straight face. James Franco meanwhile and the rest of the crew are beyond shocked by the admission. Mathers, who has been accused of being homophobic, states in the interview that he raps about it because he is, in fact, homosexual. He goes on to say he is “more shocked that people haven’t figured it out yet”. It would seem, despite how authentic the interview felt, that Eminem was simply acting and reciting from a script.

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