Eddie Vedder Net Worth, Height and Young

Eddie Vedder Net Worth

In February, Post Malone and Eddie Vedder collaborated for the EB Research Partnership, raising $1 million. They performed one of Pearl Jam's most popular songs, "Better Man".
In February, Post Malone and Eddie Vedder joined forces for the EB Research Partnership raising $1 million. The duo sang one of Pearl Jams most played songs “Better Man”.

Eddie Vedder is an iconic figure in the world of rock music, best known as the lead vocalist and one of the primary songwriters of the legendary band Pearl Jam. Born on December 23, 1964, in Evanston, Illinois, Vedder rose to prominence in the early 1990s with Pearl Jam’s debut album “Ten,” which became one of the best-selling rock albums of all time. His distinctive baritone voice and emotionally charged performances have made him a revered figure in the grunge movement. Throughout his career, Vedder has not only found success with Pearl Jam but has also pursued solo projects, contributing to various soundtracks and releasing solo albums. Beyond music, he is known for his activism, particularly on environmental and social justice issues. As of 2024 Eddie Vedder net worth is a substantial $100 million.

Eddie Vedder Height

Towering over Eddie Vedder at a height of 7 inches is Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Vedder and Cornell frequently collaborated, with one notable song being "Hunger Strike".
Standing a good 7″ taller than Eddie Vedder height is Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Vedder and Cornell collaborated often, one particular popular song being “Hunger Strike”.

How tall is Eddie Vedder? Eddie Vedder height is 5’7″ being shorter than average for an American male. Growing up Vedder faced family upheaval early in life. His parents’ divorced and his mother remarried to Peter Mueller, whom he believed to be his biological father. Raised with foster siblings, Vedder’s family later relocated to San Diego County, where he found solace in music and surfing, particularly The Who’s “Quadrophenia.” Despite learning the truth about his parentage and dropping out of high school due to work pressures, Vedder eventually earned his GED and adopted his mother’s maiden name, Vedder, as his own.

Eddie Vedder Young

Looking a little different these days, Eddie Vedder sported long curly locks in his younger years and had a thinner frame. A shorter haircut and 2 tattoos later, Eddie Vedder still remains a rock n' roll icon.
Eddie Vedder had long curly hair and a slimmer physique in his youth, but now sports a different look with two tattoos, one featuring the Earth First! logo, reflecting his support for the organization.

In the 1980s, Eddie Vedder lived in San Diego where he recorded demo tapes, played in various bands, and worked part-time at a gas station. His break came when he received a demo tape from a Seattle band looking for a singer, leading him to audition for what would become Pearl Jam. Before joining Pearl Jam, Vedder contributed vocals to Temple of the Dog, a project formed by members of Soundgarden and Mother Love Bone. Pearl Jam’s debut album, “Ten,” released in 1991, propelled them to fame, with hits like “Jeremy” receiving Grammy nominations and multiple MTV Video Music Awards.

Eddie Vedder Spouse

Jill Vedder posted a Halloween snapshot featuring herself, Eddie, and their eldest daughter Olivia, adding a caption that explained everyone's purpose in the photo.
Jill Vedder shared a Halloween photo of her, Eddie and their eldest daughter Olivia. In the caption she wrote “Happy Halloween from the Vedder that dressed , the one who wore the shirt to explain his wife, the teen who did not want to be involved in the family photo and the older teen who made an appearance to see what was happening before she went clubbing 🤦🏻‍♀️”.

Eddie Vedder has been with Jill McCormick for over 20 years. The two tied the knot in 2010 after having two daughters. Olivia, their first child was born in 2004, and daughter Harper in 2008. Their relationship began shortly after Vedder’s divorce from Beth Liebling in 2000, with the couple instantly connecting. Despite initial scrutiny due to Vedder’s past song lyrics in “Satans Bed”, which criticized models, their love endured. Jill McCormick is known for her activism and philanthropy, particularly in environmental causes and supporting vulnerable communities. Shes the ambassador for “Global Citizen” and supports “Mom’s Demand Action”.

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