Dhar Mann Net Worth, Merch, Youtube and Memes

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Dhar Mann celebrates his birthday and shares with his fans on Instagram 5 things he's learned throughout the years.
Dhar Mann celebrates turning 38 on May 30th, 2022 and posted to his Instagram with five things he’s learned which includes taking care of your body, avoiding toxic people and not stressing.

Mann is a film producer who owns the video production company Dhar Mann Studios founded in 2018. He became popular when he started making short films with clickbait titles and images. The videos center on a protagonist and a learning lesson at the end on morality. On Youtube, Dhar Mann was ranked number two out of the ‘U.S. Top 10 Creators of 2021’ list. His film about a boy who has autism has been viewed almost 55 million times and helped raised money for autism research. Dhar comes from a family of business owners as his parents owned several local real estate companies and a taxi service. Dhar along with his wife also manage LiveGlam, a cosmetics company. As of 2021 Dhar Mann has an estimated net worth of between $150-$250 million.

Dhar Mann Merch

The limited edition merch Dhar Mann was selling with their signature saying on a luxiously soft black tee.
Mann with his wife Laura Avila and daughter Ella Rose. Dhar posted on his Facebook his family wearing the limited edition designed tee shirt with their paramount saying ‘So You See…’ in bold text.

Dhar Mann also sells merchandise, mostly apparel, with his slogan ‘So you see..’ printed on them. He also has WWDMD (what would Dhar Mann do), ‘Changing Lives’, ‘Mannifest’ and ‘Dhar Mann Fam’ on the items in various colors. In 2020 in lieu of hitting 10 billion views, a limited edition tee was released. The tee was all black with a block of white and the writing ‘So you see…’ inside. Fans can also find Dhar Mann merch on Amazon with a variety of different designs. The Kloudave shop sells a unique design you can’t find on the Dhar Mann website for only $19.99.

Dhar Mann Youtube

Dhar Mann gets Alex and Alan Stokes to star in a series of films. One involving a twin being kidnapped and another where the twins switch places.
Dhar Mann with influencer twins Alex and Alan Stokes. Mann posted to his Instagram on July 19, 2021 sharing the news that it was the first time in history social media stars played main roles for his film.

Youtube was when Mann really began raising his income. Before he became a millionaire Mann was was at a low point in his life. He has been very open about overcoming the hurdles he faced during his darkest time, and how that influenced his videos today, to motivate kids. At the age of 30 Dhar was depressed and his other business ventures had failed or were failing, along with his relationship. As he hit his lowest point, that’s when he started to see the light. He explained he read and prayed a lot, and began making positive changes and seeing progress. Now, Dhar Manns Youtube has over 16 million subscribers and is on a mission to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Along with his films that depict real life situations and teach important life lessons, Mann has other unique channels that aid in building his wealth.

Dhar Mann Memes

Dhar Mann parody bullying meme mimicking some of his outrageous title that include texts like 'you won't believe what happens next' to make you want to watch the video.
When it comes to Dhar Mann people seem to either love him or hate him. He has a way of creating video covers that depict someone in distress and have bold text that resemble tabloids to pique your curiosity. Many have created parody memes that reflect his video titles.

Dhar Manns anti bullying videos have blatant in your face titles that are designed to pull you in. These have become a great source for memes. Many people have come up with their own very exaggerated click bait titles that make fun of Manns. One with Spongebob making a silly face on the main image and the words ‘Sponge makes fun of squirrel and instantly regrets it’ in bold caps lock letters. Dhar Manns signature photo is seen on the bottom as it is in all of his videos along with his name. There is another of a boy crying and the title ‘Boy insults Dhar Mann, gets dragged to hell by satan himself’. A parody of how Dhar Manns videos are always about how the antagonist always regrets his decisions.

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