Danny Duncan Net Worth, Merch, Age and Tour

Danny went to visit a friends farm where he shows off the rescue animals, pets them and even rides a white pony.
Danny Duncan visited a friend on her farm of mostly rescue animals. He rides one of her small white ponies in a video he took of his visit.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

You might be wondering who Danny Duncan is or how he achieved fame. Duncan makes his money by creating hilarious prank videos, comedy sketches and interlacing skating tips in the mix. That’s not all he does, Danny Duncans’ net worth comes from selling his own line of sportswear merch called ‘Virginity Rocks’ and touring. As of 2022, the Youtuber has a net worth of $6 million.

Before Youtube, Danny was an avid skateboarder. He knew some professional skaters and one in particular had mentioned he should go into acting. In order to do this, he knew he needed to build a fan base. In 2014, his Youtube account that started it all was born.

Duncan has his own display at Zumiez, a skate shop, of his apparel and skateboards
Danny Duncan stands in front of Zumiez, a clothing store that sells skate and athletic wear. He’s wearing one of his ‘practice safe sex tees’.

Danny Duncan Merch

‘Virginity Rocks’ was the first of many clothing collections of the Danny Duncan merch. He launched the brand in 2018 after wearing the tees in his videos as a joke. The joke turned into a profitable business. He sells everything from boxers, swimwear, and hats to skateboards and mystery boxes. There is even merch with photos of his pal Papa Jim, an elderly man he befriended who has become a fan favorite.

It’s not only skateboarding that Danny Duncan is into, he also loves cycling and was stoked to meet one his longtime idols Lance Armstrong in 2020. Danny posted a photo of him and the athlete with the caption ‘Childhood dream came true’.

Danny Duncan Age

How old is Danny Duncan? Daniel was born in Englewood, Florida on July 27, 1992. He attended Lemon Bay High School and moved to Los Angeles, California sometime after he graduated. It is unclear what his actual height is but it’s presumed to be somewhere between 5’8″ and 5’10”. Duncan’s Youtube channel now has 6.45 million subscribers and he has amassed 3.1 million followers on Instagram. His most popular video, and the first to go viral, was ‘falling with 30,000′ pennies ‘. Danny films himself falling down in various places with a box filled with pennies and records the reactions of those around him. The video has 31 million views.

A proud Danny Duncan stands next to his large tour bus that has a drawing of his face plastered on the back.
Duncan with his bright yellow tour bus that has the original name of his tour ‘ Virginity Rocks’ in large letters across the side. Danny Duncan tours consist of acts such cutting fans hair to resemble old men and jousting on stage.

Danny Duncan Tour

Danny and his friends began touring the US in 2018 bringing live shows to his fans from all over. Many people wonder what goes on at a Danny Duncan show. It’s basically him and his buddies doing what they do in their Youtube videos, creating hilarious content and performing stunts. He is still bringing the laughs in 2022, and the schedule with options to purchase a ticket are on his website dannyduncan69.com.

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