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Danielle Fishel Net Worth

Danielle Fishel, a passionate wrestling fan, was thrilled to meet Mick Foley, the wrestler known as "Cactus." Coincidentally, Foley was also a fan of Fishel.
As an avid wrestling fan, Danielle Fishel was elated to of been able to meet Mick Foley. Professional wrestler known as “Cactus” appeared in season 7 of “Boy Meets World”.

Danielle Fishel, born on May 5, 1981, in Mesa, Arizona, is an American actress, director, and TV personality. Fishel gained fame playing Topanga Lawrence on the 1990s sitcom “Boy Meets World” and its spin-off “Girl Meets World.” She began her career in theater and quickly transitioned to television. This earned praise for her charismatic and relatable portrayal of Topanga. In addition to acting, Fishel has worked as a television host, director, and podcaster on “Pod Meets World,” which she launched in June 2024 with co-hosts Rider Strong and Will Friedle. As of 2024, Danielle Fishel net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, reflecting her successful and enduring career in Hollywood.

Danielle Fishel Maxim

Fans who grew up watching "Boy Meets World" had mixed reactions to Danielle Fishel's appearance in Maxim magazine. Despite this, Danielle's only regret was the content of her interview.
Fans who grew up watching “Boy Meets World” were mixed on how they felt about Danielle appearing in Maxim magazine. While the only thing Danielle regrets about it is her interview.

Despite “Boy Meets World” being a family sitcom, Danielle Fishel caused a stir by posing for Maxim. She embraced the controversy, even autographing and giving away a copy of the magazine during her Popsugar YouTube show. In her Maxim interview, Fishel said she would only take such revealing photos for Maxim, calling them “a lot sexier than I have ever been.” The issue also sparked a scandal when she recounted Bob Saget jokingly asking her family for cocaine on a flight. Saget, upset by her account, responded with sarcastic remarks, calling her humorless. Fishel clarified on Twitter, expressing frustration with Maxim for not including her final comment, “We knew he was joking. It was funny.”

Danielle Fishel Movies and TV Shows

Having shared much of their childhood, Will, Rider, and Danielle have stayed close friends. They often reunite with Bill Daniels at events like '90s Con and barbecues.
Due to sharing so much of their childhood together, Will, Rider and Danielle have remained close. They even often see Bill Daniels at 90’s Conventions and barbecue’s.

Aside from her well known role as Topanga Lawrence on “Boy Meets World” and its sequel “Girl Meets World,” Danielle has made appearances on “Harry and the Hendersons”, “Kirk”, “Nikki” and “The Nightmare Room”. She also portrayed Marla, a college student in “National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze” and its sequel. In addition, Fishel has guest-starred in other major TV shows like “Full House” and “The Dish”. Fishel’s versatility as an actress and host has made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Danielle Fishel Spouse

After her three-year marriage to student Tim Belusko ended, Danielle Fishel found love again. She reconnected with Jensen Karp, whom she had first met in high school, several years later.
Coming off a three year marraige with student Tim Belusko, Danielle found love once again. Jensen and Fishel met in high school, only to reunite several years later.

Danielle Fishel is married to Jensen Karp, a writer, podcaster, producer, and former rapper. The couple met in 2017 and quickly developed a close bond. They got engaged in March 2018 and tied the knot on November 4, 2018, in a quaint ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Danielle and Jensen have two sons together, Adler Lawrence Karp, born in June 2019, and Keaton Joseph Karp, born in August 2021. In 2022 Jensen Karp wrote the screenplay for the Tubi film “Classmates” to which Danielle directed.

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