Coi Leray Height, Net Worth and Mom

Coi Leray Height

Shania Twain and Coi Leray strike a pose at a Republic Records' artist dinner, held during the Grammys festivities, which are known for hosting celebrations throughout the week.
Shania Twain and Coi Leray pose during a Republic Records’ artist dinner. This event took place around the Grammys where there are celebrations almost every day of the week.

Lerays birth name is Brittany Collins and she is the daughter of ‘The Source’ founder Benzino. Her father was also a rapper whom inspired her, and her parents split when she was young. She is one of six children, having five brothers, one of whom she began writing songs with named Taj. Their first songs uploaded to Youtube were titled ‘Bow Down’ and ‘Rock Back’. Leray was just 14 years old at the time. Many rappers are now featured on her albums including Lil Durk and DaBaby, and she began touring with Lil Baby. Coi Leray height is average for a female. She mentioned on X that she was 5’4″.

Coi Leray Net Worth

Coi Leray's live performances are characterized by high-energy shows that captivate audiences with her dynamic stage presence and engaging interactions. Her commanding ability to connect with the crowd and deliver electrifying performances adds an extra layer of excitement to her concerts.
Coi Leray’s concerts are known for their high-energy performances. She captivates audiences with her dynamic stage presence and engaging interactions. Her ability to command the crowd and deliver electrifying performances adds to the excitement of her live shows.

Coi Leray, born in Boston on May 11, 1997, is a multi-talented artist known for her prowess as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Leray developed a passion for music at an early age. She gained widespread recognition with her breakout single “No More Parties,” which showcased her distinctive voice and unique style. Leray’s success in the music industry has earned her critical acclaim, numerous accolades, and a dedicated fan base, solidifying her status as a rising star in the hip-hop and R&B scene. The ‘Blick Blick’ singer has been nominated for countless awards which include two Grammys. As of 2024, Coi Leray net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Coi Leray Mom

Leray's mother has been a significant influence in her life. Recently, Coi Leray shared a video on social media, featuring moments of joy as she and her mother cooked gumbo, danced, and shared laughter, culminating in a delightful meal.
Lerays mother has been a huge presence in her life. Just recently Coi Leray posted a video of her and her mother making gumbo and dancing and laughing while eating at the end.

While not much information is available about Coi Leray’s mother, it is known that she went through a public divorce with ‘The Source’ founder. Although there have been reports of threats directed at Leray and her mother by Benzino, details are scarce. Despite the challenges, Brittany was predominantly raised by her mom. Coi Leray draws inspiration from her parents and cites influences such as Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, and Bon Jovi, among others. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles.

Coi Leray Boyfriend

Coi Leray and Pressa shared a romantic connection for a while, generating public curiosity about their relationship. Nevertheless, they chose to go their separate ways in 2021.
Coi Leray and Pressa were romantically involved for a period, contributing to public intrigue about the relationship between the two musicians. However, they eventually decided to part ways in 2021.

Fans eagerly follow their favorite rapper’s dating life to see if there are any familiar faces. Although Coi Leray is presently single, she has been romantically linked to fellow musicians in the past. Leray was in a brief relationship with Pressa, a Canadian artist, but the two went their separate ways in 2021. Additionally, she has been spotted alongside Trippie Redd, attending events like ‘After Dark Swim Republic Records’ together. There were also speculations about her involvement with Blueface after a video surfaced of him licking her ear, although the duo never officially confirmed any romantic connection.

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