Coco Gauff Height, Boyfriend and Instagram

Coco Gauff Height

On April 2nd, 2023, at the Miami Gardens in Florida, Coco Gauff and Jessie Pegula emerged victorious in the doubles draw. Pegula's stature, standing 2 inches shorter than Gauff, accentuated the tennis star's impressive height.
At the Miami Gardens in Florida on April 2nd, 2023 Coco Gauff and Jessie Pegula won the doubles draw. Pegula stands 2 inches below Coco Gauff height, showcasing how tall the tennis star is.

Cori “Coco” Gauff, born on March 13, 2004, is an accomplished American tennis player, securing seven WTA Tour singles titles and eight doubles titles, including a major win at the 2023 US Open. She has achieved career-high rankings of world No. 3 in singles and world No. 1 in doubles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), making her mark since her debut at the Miami Open in 2019, notably becoming the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon’s main draw and defeating Venus Williams in her first appearance at the age of 15. Coco Gauff height is tall for an American woman standing at 5’9″ and weighing 121 lbs.

Coco Gauff Boyfriend

Due to traveling for tennis and being in the same places frequently, Coco Gauff spends a lot of time with fellow players. Because of this, many mistake her friendship with them as something more than it is.
Due to traveling for tennis and being in the same places frequently, Coco Gauff spends a lot of time with fellow players. Because of this, many mistake her friendship with them as something more than it is.

The night prior to her victory at the US Open, Gauff disclosed that she conversed with her boyfriend until 1 am. Despite speculation linking her to fellow tennis players like Ben Shelton, Gauff clarified that her boyfriend is not an athlete but an aspiring actor and musician. Fans uncovered clues when Gauff’s Instagram post, featuring a nature walk, resembled one by Jalen Sera, showcasing shoes with a bird between them. Though she refrains from confirming, Gauff acknowledged that fans have pieced together the puzzle.

Coco Gauff Instagram

Captioned 'Tis the season', Coco strikes a pose wearing a skirt resembling a kilt, sparking speculation about her potential Scottish heritage. Known for her love of fashion, Gauff often shares snapshots showcasing her diverse wardrobe alongside images of her tennis successes.
In a photo captioned ‘Tis the season’ Coco poses in a skirt that resembles a kilt, leading many to wonder if she may be part Scottish. Gauff loves fashion and shares photos of her in various outfits amongst the photos of her triumphs in tennis.

Coco boasts a following of 1.6 million, with celebrities like Justin Timberlake among her admirers. In turn Coco follows stars like Billie Eilish, Angel Reese and Beyonce. Her feed showcases triumphs from her tennis journey and shares from USTA and Tennischannel, alongside ambassadorial content for Carol’s Daughter hair products. Sprinkled throughout are candid moments of her enjoying leisurely activities, whether at the beach or capturing casual selfies.

Coco Gauff Shoes

Coco Gauff, a devoted enthusiast of New Balance, collaborated with the footwear brand to develop her own tennis shoe, the Coco CG1. These shoes feature elements reminiscent of 90s design and boast a lightweight construction, available for purchase at approximately $170.
Coco Gauff, an avid New Balance fan, created her own tennis shoe with the footwear brand. The Coco CG1 have flashes of a 90’s design and are lightweight, retailing for around $170.

During the 2024 Australian Open, Coco Gauff showcased her dominance on the court while wearing the CG1 tennis shoes by New Balance. Coming out victorious against Magdalena FrÄ™chin in the fourth round, the camera focused on her personalized footwear. Coco Gauff shoes featured motivational messages from her father and sentimental touches like the coordinates to her childhood tennis courts. She even has her little brothers names written on them. Gauff shared that these messages serve as a reminder of her father’s wisdom and her roots, helping her maintain perspective amid the intensity of matches. Additionally, the vibrant design of her shoes, reflects a blend of nostalgia and modernity, embodying Gauff’s distinct style.

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