Christopher Walken Net Worth, Natalie Wood and Commercial

Chistopher Walken Net Worth

Robert De Niro celebrated his 80th birthday on August 18, 2023, with a star-studded party at Locanda Verde, the Tribeca restaurant he co-owns. The event was packed with celebrities, including Uma Thurman and Christopher Walken.
Robert De Niro threw a big bash for his 80th birthday on August 18, 2023. Located at Locanda Verde, which he co-owns in Tribeca, NYC. The place was packed with stars like Uma Thurman and Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken, born on March 31, 1943, in Queens, New York, is a renowned American actor known for his unique voice and screen presence. Over a six-decade career, he has starred in films like “The Deer Hunter,” which won him an Academy Award, “Pulp Fiction,” and “Catch Me If You Can.” Walken’s distinctive style has made him a cultural icon, often parodied and imitated. He has also appeared on television and stage, showcasing his dance and performance skills. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Christopher Walken Natalie Wood

Since the investigation opened back up for the death of Natalie Woods, Walken has remained tight lipped. Many wondered if a secret affair was going on between Natalie and Christopher since their on screen chemistry was palpable.
Since the investigation into Natalie Wood’s death reopened, Walken has kept quiet. Many speculated about a possible affair between Natalie and Christopher, given their undeniable on-screen chemistry.

In 1981, during a break from filming “Brainstorm,” Robert Wagner, his wife Natalie Wood, and Christopher Walken took a yacht trip near Santa Catalina Island. Upon their return, only Wagner and Walken remained, as Natalie Wood had drowned. Her official cause of death was “drowning and other undetermined factors.” Speculation arose due to an argument between Wagner and Wood before her death and fresh bruises on her body when found. Walken, who claimed to be in bed during the incident, was never a suspect. Despite witness reports casting suspicion on Wagner, he has denied any wrongdoing.

Christopher Walken Commercial

Among the many standout ads, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's State Farm spot, Christopher Walken's BMW commercial was equally unforgettable.
Alongside other popular ad’s that include Arnold Schwarzenegger for State Farm, Walkens BMW commercial proved to be just as memorable.

During the 2024 Super Bowl, there were many memorable commercials, but one that really stood out was a BMW ad featuring Christopher Walken. In the ad, Walken is strolling to his car, and everyone he passes does an impression of him. It ends with Walken walking into a restaurant and spotting Usher writing a check. Walken, noticing Usher should be at the halftime show, says, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Usher then gets up and dances his way out of the commercial.

Christopher Walken Wife

Before his acting career, Christopher Walken trained as a lion tamer at a circus and honed his dancing skills at the Washington Dance Studio.
Before becoming an actor Christopher Walken was a lion tamer trainee at the circus. He also danced, training at the Washington dance studio.

Christopher Walken’s wife, Georgianne Walken, is a well-known casting director who worked on hit shows like “The Sopranos” and “Entourage.” They met back in the ’60s during a touring production of “West Side Story,” where Georgianne was a dancer. They hit it off and got married in 1969. Even though they’ve been together forever, they decided not to have kids, focusing on their careers and enjoying their independence instead.

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